As deadline draws closer, who would you trade and not trade

First time poster:) I hope you take your time and read it.   Who are the un- tradeable's; guys you would trade if you received a good offer and guys you want out/any takers


1A. Un-tradeable for Majors:

  • McCann,Heyward,Prado,Infante,Jones(Brave 4 life),Venters,Wags,Hudson,Hanson,Gonzalez,Saito

1B. Un trade able for Minors:

  • Teheran,Freeman, Kimbrel, Vizzy, Salcedo, Brandon Beachy and any1 we just drafted
  1. Teheran,Freeman nothing needs to be said. Kimbrel may be our closer next year. Salcedo is our 3B of the future and has all the tools. Vizzy is very young, but could be under tradeable with a great offer. Beachy has been tearin it up and want him in the pen next year. I love the draft picks this year- No need to trade them(Especially Lipka)


2A Tradeable if recieved a good/great offer

  • EOF, Mike Dunn, Derek Lowe,Moylan, Diaz, Medlen, Melky, Glaus
  1. Some teams are looking for lefty's out of the pen and clearly Venters is the #2 lefty out of the pen now. Lowe has pitched decent so far and probably should be under any takers considering his contract. Only would trade Meds,Diaz,Glaus for a great deal. I'd like to keep Melky for a 4th outfielder and Moylan as our main righty out of the pen(He has struggled this year though)

2B Tradeable if received a good/great offer for Minors

  1. Wouldn't want to trade Delgado unless its for a power hitting outfielder. Only would trade Minor for the same thing. I have a feeling he will be a very effective #3 starter in the league for a long time(We need a lefty starter too) I love Mycal Jones and think he could be the shortstop of the future but once again if we received a good deal I would let him go. If Schafer could ever get healthy and get his swing back I wouldn't trade him. Considering he just got demoted his value is getting lower and lower so probably keep him. Bethancourt could be shopped since we have McCann. If he switches positions, I would consider putting him into un tradeable. 

Would love to see gone

  • KK, McClouth, Chavez. Pretty sure we can't even get a bag of balls for them.

Hope I did good for my first post :) Go braves!

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