Chipper's (HOF) career by the numbers:

Here is a look at the stats Chipper Jones has accumulated over his career and how they stack up all-time, as well as how close he is to catching other notable hall-of-famers:

-.305 BA as LHB, .308 BA as RHB, .306 combined (#2 all-time among switch hitters, Frankie Frisch #1 @ .316)

-1,388 Base On Balls (28th all-time, 18 away from Aaron and #25)

-.9426 OBP+SLUG (28th all-time)

-160 IBB (34th all-time, 12 away from Winfield and #25)

-1805 runs created (34th all-time, 81 away from Honus Wagner and #25)

-77.90 WAR Pos. Player* (39th all-time, 6.0 away from George Brett and #30)

-431 HR (38th all-time, 21 away from Yastrzemski and #33 all-time)

-.5369 SLUG% (40th all-time)

-.4058 OBP (44th all-time)

-953 Extra Base Hits (43th all-time, 10 away from Tony Perez and #40)

-1477 RBI (52rd all-time, 35 away from Mantle and #50)

-4310 Total Bases (54 all-time, 44 away from Matthews and #49)

-87 Sac. Flies (61st all-time, 5 away from Bonds and #48)

-485 Doubles (64th all-time, 17 away from Goose Goslin and #49)

-1486 Runs Scored (72rd all-time, 46 away from #55 Frankie Frisch)

Nearly top 100 but just outside: -104th in hits (3 away from top 100)

*"(WAR) Wins Above Replacement is a statistic that attempts to measure the "total value" of a player over a given season.

WAR calculates the total number of wins that any player adds to his team over the course of a season by comparing the player's performance with that of a fictitious replacement. A "replacement player" is assumed to be an average Triple-A callup who might appear in the majors only as replacement for an injured player, and whose hitting/fielding or pitching skills are far below league average. According to Baseball Prospectus, a team consisting entirely of replacement-level players would likely be historically bad, winning only 20-25 games over a full 162-game season.

Most regular position players will accumulate 3-5 WAR over a season. A legitimate All-Star-caliber player may have over 7 WAR. Over 10 WAR is a strong MVP candidate, while over 15 WAR is a "one-for-the-ages" season. On the flip side, a player with -1 WARP or less is probably in danger of disappearing from baseball."

Stats and WAR explanation from:

xEdit after game on June, 16th.  Chipper added 1 total base, 1 hit, 1 BB, and one IBB Wednesday.  His hit moved him from 106th  to 105th all-time.  His IBB moved him to 34th all-time.

xxEdit after game on June, 18th.  Chipper added 1 total base, 1 hit, 1 BB, 2 RBI, and 1 sac. fly.  The sac. fly moved him to 60th all-time.

xxxEdit after game on June, 20th.  Chipper added 4 total bases, 2 hits, 2 BB, 3 RBI, 2 R, 2 XBH, and 2 2B. The two hits moved him into 104th all-time, the two XBH moved him to 45th all-time and the two doubles moved him up two spots to #64 all-time.

xxxxEdit after June, 22nd-26th game. Chipper added +1 BB, +.0001 OBP+SLUG (29th to 28th all-time), +7 Runs Created (36th to 34th all-time), +1 HR (39th to 38th all-time), +.0010 OBP (46th to 44th all-time), +1 XBH (45th all-time to 43rd all-time), +3 RBI (53rd to 52nd all-time), +7 Total Bases, +1 R and +6 H.

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