Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 5/30

Gwinnett 6, Louisville 9

  • J. Schafer 0-5 .193 Avg
  • B. Canizares 2-4 HR(2), .294 Avg
  • M. Jones 1-4 HR(9), 2 RBI, 2K, .245 Avg
  • C. Kimbrel 1IP 0H 0R 1BB 2K 1.42 ERA

Jordan Schafer did not get kick started by his big game last night and is still struggling a bit to get acclimated to AAA. Mitch Jones has 39 hits this season and 24 of them have gone for extra bases so that is nice,  unfortunately he doesn't walk much, strikes out a lot and doesn't hit for a high average. Craig Kimbrel is still dominant in AAA even after his short and not quite as dominant stint in the majors.

Mississippi @ Mobile - Postponed

There was a double-header scheduled after yesterday's game was rained out but both of today's games were rained out.

Wilmington 4, Myrtle Beach 5

  • T. Jones 3-5 2 RBI, .348 Avg
  • LV Ware 2-3 2B, .308 Avg
  • R. Delgado 6IP 6H 4R 0BB 4K 2.62 ERA

Randall Delgado didn't have his best start in recent memory but it wasn't terrible and his bullpen picked him up (Ok just Benino Pruneda) and the offense came through with a run in the bottom of the 9th for the walk off win. Travis Jones has hit well since his demotion which is nice but also kind of sad at the same time. I hope he gets things figured out and gets back to Mississippi soon.

Savannah 8, Rome 2 - Game 1

  • C. Harrilchak 1-3 2B, .280 Avg
  • R. Hefflinger 2-4 BB, K, CS(2), .269 Avg
  • B. DeVall 5IP 2H 1R 2BB 4K 3.81 ERA

This is the completion of the game that was suspended from yesterday. Brett DeVall had his second consecutive strong start and has been generating a lot of groundballs recently, which he will need to do if he isn't going to regain the velocity he had in HS. Unfortunately for Brett and the Braves David Hale 'started' the second half of this game today and I guess when he is in a starting mind frame and not a relieving one he is terrible, as he was today. Hale gave up 5 runs in 3 innings and didn't strike out a single hitter which is a total reverse from his last outing (3IP 0H 7K).

Savannah 4, Rome 8

  • M. Jones 2-3 2B, 2 RBI, .244 Avg
  • C. Harrilchak 1-3 2B, RBI, BB, .281 Avg
  • R. Hefflinger 2-2 2B, HR(2), 4 RBI, BB, .283 Avg
  • K. Rose 1-1 3B, 2 BB, SB(15), .277 Avg

The Braves had a nice offensive output in the second game from some of their big stars after making some changes in the field and the lineup. Robbie Hefflinger played 1B and appears to be coming out of the slimp he was in with 2 XBH in his last 3 games. He still has 17K over his last 10 however. Mycal Jones hit leadoff for the first time in a while and he might make a habit of it. Conversely Kyle Rose was dropped to 9th in the order and reached base and scored 3 times.

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