Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 5/29 - I got engaged edition!

Very rarely will you see me plug my personal life outside of baseball on this site, but I just wanted to share the news that I asked my girlfriend, Fran, to marry me yesterday and she said yes! Hooray Us! On to baseball.

Gwinnett 7, Louisville 1

  • J. Schafer 3-5 2B, K, SB(1), .212 Avg
  • C. Sammons 2-4 2B, .200 Avg
  • M. Jones 1-1 HR(8), 2 RBI, .245 Avg
  • M. Dunn 1.1IP 0H 0R 0BB 2K 0.78 ERA
  • S. Marek 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K 1.35 ERA

Jordan Schafer put together his best game in since joining Gwinnett and hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. This Gwinnett bullpen is out of control. Mike Dunn has just been ridiculous all season long with that minuscule ERA and excellent component ratios to boot (30% K/PA and 15 hits allowed in 23IP). Stephen Marek still has a solid ERA but his components have suffered a little since his promotion.

Mississippi @ Mobile - Postponed

Wilmington 1, Myrtle Beach 9

  • T. Jones 2-5 2B, 3 RBI, .278 Avg
  • S. Sime 1-4 HR(1), 2 RBI, BB, K, .290 Avg
  • JJ Hoover 8IP 5H 0R 0BB 7K 3.58 ERA

Remember about a month ago when JJ Hoover looked like he was completely lost in the Carolina League? Yeah don't worry about that anymore. He has given up just 2 earned runs in his last 27 innings with 17 H, 4 BB, and 23K. Those are numbers that I am very OK with. Hoover is one of my favorite guys and I got to watch him in the Sally League All Star game last summer. He has zero room for projection but he has command of all his pitches and his curveball can be a plus pitch when it is on. I hope he can keep this up and get a promotion along with Delgado later in the summer.

Savannah @ Rome -  Suspended

I will complete this game when the game is completed so as to not add any confusion.

DSL Braves 5, DSL Blue Jays 1

  • E. Salcedo 1-3 BB
  • A. Alcantara 1-4 2B, RBI
  • J. Peguero 1-4 HR(1), 3 RBI, K
  • H. Mendez 2IP 1H 0R 0BB 6K

Ok here is the deal with the DSL. I will do my absolute best to post these scores if they are posted when I do the recap. A lot of times they won't be up when I do my recap and I am not going to wait around for them to post (if they do). Also make sure to temper any enthusiasm over these stats because the level of play is so difficult to determine without solid scouting reports. Take Henry Mendez for example up there. He is 21 years old so that makes his effort tonight a little less impressive. Also take note that Edward Salcedo made his debut in a Braves uniform. I am pretty sure as soon as they get his visa stuff settled he will be coming stateside and staying stateside.

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