Battle (5/29): Medlen vs. G. Jones

A short preview of both players may be helpful.


Kris Medlen's SB scouting report is possibly the most vague thing I've ever read.  This was more helpful. 

Medlen has a quality three-pitch mix — a better than average fastball, a plus curveball, and a solid-average change-up. The development of his change-up has been key to his success as a starter.


That site also has gif's of his FB and curve, which were awesome.  That fastball reminds me of the one Zach Duke wanted to throw Chipper on Friday, instead of the 89 mph cream-puff that resulted in an RBI single.  With the same pitches, Medlen might resemble Duke's style, only with a good fastball to make it all work.  As Oberholtzer said, "everything should work of your fastball".


Couldn't find much on Garrett Jones, but it looks like he is a pretty prototypical power hitter and might have trouble with patience.  This might create a tough matchup as for Medlen as Jones will likely be looking to jump on his fastball.  Medlen might have to nibble at Jones and get him chasing the curve.


If anybody has better info on Garrett, please add in the comments.


More to come after the game.

Here we go.


Did I pick a good one or what?  2nd and third with one out.  It looks like Medlen started by out by avoiding the strike zone and showing the fastball to the power hitter, trying to get a bite while setting up the offspeed.  Props to Jones for not biting and working the count to 2-1.  Once behind 2-1, the battle really gets good as Medlen follows with two nasty change-ups(?) that badly fool Jones.  Set up by three fastballs, these teasers really get the best of Jones who really looks bad going after these pitches.  Battle goes 3x to Medlen, one for the approach, one for the situation, and one for the sheer nastiness of the last two.


0-0:  Medlen nibbles with a curve(?), trying to get a bite.

1-0:  After that, he seems to really go after him, this is seen in the next AB as well.  Three straight fastballs middle-in, looks like he is done being cute with Jones. 

1-2:  The third one may be too many and Jones rips one near where Prado is diving.

Looks like Meds tried to gear up on Jones and Jones got the best of him.  Fortunately, some Prado guy helped him out.  His fastball looks good, but not dominant.


In this AB, it looks like Meds and Jones really get at it again.  After the first FB strike, Jones seems to get fired up.  (subjective) He is more animated in the box and looks confident and comfortable.  Meds fires another fastball and catches the line drive about a second later.  It was over the plate, but it seems like Medlen got drawn into a pissing contest with a fastball hitter and got a couple of lucky outs.  What a catch, but I think Jones gets the nod. 


So in all, a good battle, but Jones comes out on top.

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