Battle (5/28): C. Jones vs. Duke, Hanrahan

OK, so a bit of a failure on my part last night.  I only got to see two of Chipper's AB's all night due to the rain mixing up my schedule.  However, I did sift through Pitch F/X graphs in order to look at the at-bats he had.  These graphs are shown below along with what I think could very well have been happening. 


I hope my analysis is at least entertaining and your comments will give me more info as to what actually happened.  Again, I only saw two of these at-bats so I'm gonna need some help. I'll rewrite stuff that is just plain wrong.


For tonight, let's look at Medlen vs Garret Jones.  We've all heard about McCutchen, but Garrett Jones seems to be "that other guy" on the Pirates at this point.  I'll likely only take a couple at bats and try to focus on Medlen's strengths and weaknesses, so we can get to know him better.

Thanks for your input, and Go Braves!

To start I'll sum up the "scouting report" on SB for Zach Duke.  He has a "wicked" curve that is very effective against lefties.  His fastball is high 80's, and tends to struggle early in games.

All pitch locations are viewed as if you are the catcher.


Chipper's First AB

I didn't see it, but I can only imagine Chipper's looking FB here and takes a strike on a well located pitch, 0-1, adv Duke.

Chipper jumps on the 0-1 curve, but the pitch is well placed and Chip can't get enough power on it because he's reaching a bit.(?)

I'll give this battle to Duke, until someone who actually saw it can set me straight.


Chipper's Second AB


This one I did see and I liked it.  Chipper watches a first pitch teaser curve, which was a good pitch for a DP.  The 1-0 pitch is a good pitch that Chipper does well to take on the outside corner.  Credit Duke for making a good pitch here and not falling behind 2-0.  I expected Chipper to be looking for a FB to drive on the 1-1 without worrying about falling behind 1-2 if Duke makes a good pitch.  The inside fastball was a good thought, but got enough of the plate where Chipper could power out a single.  Any more inside and I think Chipper still swings and he gets jammed or fouls it back and adv. Duke.


I think this one goes to Duke.  Duke had moral victories in making a good pitch to stay in the at-bat and having the right idea w/ the fastball, and ultimately got Chip to swing at the pitches he wanted him to, they just weren't good enough.


Chipper's Third AB

I don't really get the next one.  Seems like he might have been looking FB and got fooled, resulting in the weak roller to third.  Good idea by Duke, and good execution to get the ground ball w/ J Hey on first.  And props to Chip for beating out the DP.  Duke wins this one.


Chipper's Last AB


Once again Chipper is aggressive on the first pitch, and once again it's a low change up.  I didn't see it but am imagining Chipper stepped into the changeup, and pulled the low, outside ball right back through the middle.  Duke got him swinging, and got the grounder(?) but poor location, again leads to a 2-RBI rocket(?) up the middle(?)



Chipper's Last AB

Hanrahan pitching: "electric stuff", seems like a power pitcher from what is described by SB.  The sliders that follow are likely much more effective due to a good fastball(?).


Batting lefty here, Pitch F/X says 4 straight sliders. Can't believe he didn't mash that first one, but after the two previous at-bats maybe this was a good place for Hanrahan to get an easy strike. The 0-1 slider looks like it was a tough pitch to hit, and now down 0-2.  The garbage slider, follwed by the good backdoor slider ends Chipper's night with a K.  Didn't see it, but looks like Hanrahan had him the whole way here.


So all in all, a 1-5 night for Chip.

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