Battle: Chipper vs. Bucs

Yesterday's attempt to start a discussion about our players that wasn't results oriented drew some attention, but didn't really work.  So I thought I'd tweak it a bit, thanks to suggestions by cb and SB.  Since it is to difficult to remember the details of individual battles the day after the game, and those discussions would likely be better off in the game thread anyway...

Let's focus on one battle that seems to have everyone's attention.


For tonight's game, let watch Chipper's at-bats.  Instead of judging the at-bat based on the result,  we can argue who got the better end of the pitcher/hitter battle.  Many reasons have been given for his slump to start the season, but it seems like he may be pulling out of it a bit.  And he looked like Chipper last night.  I'd really like to hear everyone's take on his at-bats tonight.


Instead of a poll, I'll offer a new (subjective) 'stat'.  This is the 'quality at-bat' and is decided as above, by who wins the battle.


One example comes to mind.  The ball Coghlan grounded up the middle in his first at-bat was a weak grounder that he rolled over.  Even though it was a single, I give the W to Hudson for getting the slow grounder.  In this case Coghlan would be 0-1.


I'll try to post the situations of his at-bats as they happen, so we can all remember better, along with what I think.  I'll be at the game though, so I won't get the best look at what's happening.  After the game, check it out and discuss.  Like SB said, this might work better in the game thread, but I'd like to try it here for a couple of games.  This will be very subjective, but I think a consensus can be reached. 


The goal here is not to drag effort away from the game threads or the recaps, but to start a post-game discussion about a player who may be 'struggling' in order to understand better why.  Like I said i the comments of yesterday's post, if it doesn't work after a few games, I'll drop it.  Hopefully, it might work into a post-game routine like checking the NAHWAL, or maybe just merge it with the game thread.


Any suggestions and participation welcome and appreciated.  Go Braves!

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