Things Read in Other Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 05.22.10


Hallo everyone, I hope everyone's had a good week this week. I certainly know that I have, because it saw two filthy-dominant Huddy starts, the Mets flummoxing their way out of Atlanta, and pretty much the greatest comeback, evar. The worst part was that I had some awesome tickets available to me for Thursday's game, but since I'm back on a new assignment (which is greatly why I'm so absent lately), I had to decline, only to be drug through the mud upon seeing Hanson get rocked, to be snapped out of my working daze when a friend informed me that the Reds were on the verge of erroring their way to a defeat, where I watched the rest of the ESPN GameCast sputter their way through Brooks Conrad's walk-off slam. Seriously, I was waiting for the "ball in play, run(s)" and the side bar scoring only registered one run, but then suddenly the official scoreboard turned into a "10", and the little ball diagram floating into the seats. Quietest celebration of my life.

Welcome to another week's edition of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Hanley Ramirez loafs, Fredi Gonzalez benches him - Miami Herald
I guess this is probably the biggest story this week - Hanley Ramirez boots a botched pop, leisurely jogs to retrieve it, allowing two runs to score, Fredi Gonzalez benches him. Post-game, HanRam rips into Fredi, saying he's unqualified to judge since he never played pro ball, Fredi shrugs it off with class and integrity. Braves fans salivate at the idea of Fredi being jettisoned from Miami, only to come home to take the reigns of the Braves for 2011 and beyond. Personally, I'm 100% on Fredi's side on this call. Nobody, even the franchise, gets a pass for not playing hard.

Mike Stanton News:

Look who's slumping now? -
Currently mired in a 3-for-30 slump, Mike Stanton surely has a few things to work on before his inevitable call up to the majors come early June.

Coghlin or Maybin? -
And when the inevitable call up is made, who's going to lose their job?

Other Marlins News:

Andre Dawson sits Hanley Ramirez down to know his role - ESPN
This is my favorite story this week, because if anyone was going to knock HanRam down a peg, who better than a HOFer who could very well legitimately put Hanley Ramirez on his butt if he dared speak out of turn. As much as I'm generally in awe at how good Hanley is, there's no point in playing when nobody likes you. Pad your wallet sure, but everyone's waiting for you to leave in the end.

And Hanley apologizes, and Marlins respond with a win - Miami Herald
See what a little clubhouse harmony can do for a team?

Fredi thinks Interleague is lackluster - Miami Herald
Because nothing screams bitter rivalry than the Chicago White Sox vs. Florida Marlins.

More pitiful Marlins records fall to Marlins that are actually allowed to hang around - Marlins Maniac
Dan Uggla passed Derrek Lee to become third all-time on the Marlins HR list. Now he only sits behind Miguel Cabrera and Mike Lowell.

Jorge Cantu falling back to mean faster than statistically expected - Marlins Maniac
Most knew that he was playing way above his ability all through April, but did anyone expect him to screech to a halt this quickly?

Protest outside of SunLiphinSharkPlayer Stadium, inside still probably empty - Miami Herald
Since it's obviously the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball club's fault that SB 1070 is around, a bunch of people pretending to be Marlins fans hang outside of the Fish's mighty-morphin namesake venue to protest the presence of an entity from the racist state of Arizona.


Stephen Strasburg News:

Stephen Strasburg exceeds 90 pitches for the first time, ends scoreless streak, but still owns AAA - WaPo
Tentatively the date of destiny is going to be June 4th, and apparently if I make it up to Virginia that weekend, I've got a ticket to see the debut myself. In his latest AAA tune-up, Jesus was allowed to pitch past 90 pitches for the first time, but only retired one batter before being pulled. Despite the strong 6.1IP performance, Strasburg's scoreless streak ended at 21.1IP with a single run scoring.

Nothing left to prove - Joe Posnanski
Out of all the "major" sports writers, I think it's safe to say that the Poz is among my favorites, but even he gets a demerit for pretty much stating the obvious.

What does it really matter? - Tom Verducci
Another one of the major guys I like, Verducci takes a look at the Nationals' extreme precautions they're taking with Strasburg, in comparison to how other young phenom pitchers were treated during their rookie years. And the results?

Other Nationals News:

Scott Olsen leaves game with shoulder tightness - WaPo
After giving up four runs to the worst team in baseball, something clearly was up. Scott Olsen left the game after three innings against the Baltimore Orioles, citing shoulder tightness.

Drew Storen debuts for the Nationals against Cardinals; HBPs first batter, Ryan Ludwick - Nationals Daily News
Top relief prospect for the Nationals, Drew Storen made his debut on Thursday in a game against the Cardinals. Coming in the 7th inning, the first batter he faced, Ryan Ludwick was met with an ugly pitch that ran right into his hands. I remember John Lannan's debut game, where he broke Chase Utley's hand with a pitch as well. Fortunately, Ludwick was okay, and Storen quickly redeemed himself with a dirty, dirty pitch to strike out Matt Holliday.

Brian Bruney DFA'd, refuses assignment - WaPo
He might not be a good baseball player anymore (21H, 20BB in 17.1IP) he's not entirely stupid. By refusing assignment, he'll essentially be a free agent that the Nationals arre responsible for his salary, and any team with half a brain will probably stay away from him, leaving the Nationals on the hook for however long it takes for him to decide to want to pitch well again.

Willy Taveras released by Nationals -
I clicked this link expecting some kind of entertainment value, but instead Willy shows exceptional class, thanks the Nationals for an opportunity, and leaves the organization with his head held high. I know he's a strikeout machine, who can't get on base effectively enough to utilize his speed, but you have to respect a guy who is a professional about unfortunate circumstances.

Nationals owner hit with baseball during BP - WTOP
Mark Lerner, who occasionally likes to don a custom uniform and hang out in the outfield to shag fly balls was greeted rudely on Thursday as a baseball hit him in the face, causing a bloody mess. I know he's the principle owner of the team, but he really had no place being on the field.

Bryce Harper hits for the cycle - MASNsports
The next wunderkid goes 6-for-7 in a mercy-ruled rout of some Nevada community college. Somewhere in those six hits were a single, double, triple, and home run.

Two guys who have yet to play a game for their respective clubs are voted 3rd and 4th in DC sports popularity - WaPo
And those guys would be, Donovan McNabb, who has yet to even take a single snap as the new QB for the Redskins, and Stephen Strasburg, who hasn't even stepped foot on the rubber of a MLB pitching mound.


Domonic Brown News:

22-year old Brown talks about his youth -
For a snot-nosed brat like Domonic Brown, he tends to use the phrase "when I was younger" a whole lot. Just kidding, it seems like he's got a pretty straight head on him, which makes it even more rewarding, Phillie or not, to when he does ultimately arrive.

Other Phillies News:

Chase Utley has been the best baseball player since 2005 - The Good Phight
Basically in short, defense is what Utley has that not only catches, but surpasses Albert Pujols in a system that combines runs created by offensive means, and runs saved by defensive prowess to equate to one universal score, which Chase Utley, love him or hate him, has surpassed even the almighty one for the last five years.

Shortly after returning from DL, Rollins homers, but also re-tweaks calf -
While running to first, Rollins came up limping. If rest doesn't fix the problem, then another MRI could be in order, which is quite unfortunate.

Mariners' ineptitude could make NL race interesting? -
In short, with the Mariners sucking again, but Cliff Lee pitching well, he could very well be flipped to an NL contender for prospects - teams that could very well utilize his services, being the Dodgers, Mets, and Reds.

Roy Halladay pitches another complete game, but in loss -
It took 132 pitches, the second most in Doc's entire career, and he and the Phillies took the 2-1 loss to the lowly Pirates in the end. Cue people flipping out over pitch counts and even for Doc.

Mick Billmeyer, ultimately fired - Fightin' Phillies
I guess the Phillies simply just got tired of making excuses, and the accusations, so the simply took the easy way out of their Spygate - fire the guy that was doing it.

Memorial Day MLB Hats - Fightin' Phillies
It's bad enough most MLB teams have about four jerseys to hock for moar profits, but what started out as July 4th hats have turned into Memorial Day hats, which will soon become stars and stripes Labor Day hats, pink Mothers Day hats, and the problem is, that despite what they stand for, they're all dreadfully horrific looking.

Lenny Dykstra apparently broke -
In the past, the Dude made somewhere in the ballpark of $25M back when $25M was great for a career and not a single year. But based on an auspicious Craiglist ad promising out signed memorabilia and appearances of Dykstra, with Lenny being unavailable to comment on such, begs the question, is Lenny Dykstra broke?

The Good Phight lobbies to unemployed Pat Burrell to come blog with them - TGP
At least once a week, the fellas over at TGP have me putting my head on my desk, convulsing in silent laughter.


Ike Davis News:

In first match-up, Ike 1, Rivera, 0 -
With Jason Bay at second base, and the remarkable Mariano Rivera on the mound, Ike Davis scoffs, and launches an RBI double into the gap to bring home Bay to close the Yankee's lead to one. It could've been a triple had Ike not slipped rounding second. Also mentioned is the unusual instance of Jose Reyes batting righty to counter being jammed and broken by the cutter.

Other Mets News:

David Wright is alone - MetsBlog
Essentially, what's being said is that David Wright's struggles in general all stem from the simple fact that he's carrying the weight of the entire team on his shoulders, being surrounded by overpaid, underachieving players, fourth outfielders, lazy infielders, and injuries.

Angel Pagan has himself a night, Mets still lose though -
Pagan is the second player in 55 years to turn in both an inside-the-park homer, as well as start a triple-play in the same game. Crazy stuff, but it's a shame that the Mets can't score any runs, and lose the game anyway.

Jenrry Mejia returning to the minors . . . to become the starter he was supposed to become - ESPN
Apparently, the news of Jeff Wilpon flying to Atlanta to discuss with Omar and Manuel, a lot had to do with this move, which is only better for the future, in a washed out present.

A closer look at K-BB-HR Rod - Amazin' Avenue
A very stat-heavy look at the down and dirty numbers behind the glasses, but to a simpleton like me, it's all about the Pokemon video game photoshop that got me well.

John Niese put on the DL, replaced by knuckleballing R.A. Dickey - MetsBlog
What was that line again? Prevention and Recovery or something like that?

John Maine placed on the DL for shoulder weakness - New York Daily News
The oddest part was how this was handled - Even prior to John Maine starting his last start against the Nationals, there was already activity in the bullpen. After walking the first batter of the game, Jerry Manuel is quick to pull the plug and hook Maine. My question is simply, why start him in the first place? And his replacement? Elmer Dessens.

Daniel Murphy to begin rehab - MetsBlog
When he ultimately comes back, I don't really have any idea where they're going to put him.

If Manuel is let go, this time, Omar's gotta go too - New York Daily News
Simply put, Willie Randolph was thrown under the bus with the Mets' poor season two years ago, and now that history is on the verge of repeating itself, it's becoming evident, even to Jeff Wilpon, that maybe it's not necessarily just the manager...

Oliver Perez to the bullpen, Carlos Zambrano laughs -
Exasperated with his lack of talent and fraudulent ITBSOHL results, the Mets resign the $12M man to the bullpen. I wonder if they'll bother using him as a LOOGY or a mop up guy? All while Carlos Zambrano is freed from the bullpen and will return to the Cubs' rotation.


This has nothing to do with baseball at all, but I have to post it anyway:

Jason David Frank AKA the Green/White Power Ranger to make his MMA debut, tonight - WaPo
Now, and only right now, am I envious to not be living in Northern Virginia anymore. Complete with requisite douchebag tattoos and flavor-saver soul patch, the Green Ranger is ready to morph his way into the octagon and roll around in a sweaty ugly mess with another man as they punch each other in the ribs futilly until a referee ultimately stops it. It's Morphin Time!!

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