Could the Braves have their very own Derek Jeter?

Who could I possibly be comparing to Derek Jeter? Mr. Martin Prado

Prado has always been kind of an unknown since the Braves signed him as an international free agent. He took a fairly slow path to the Majors spending 5 seasons (age 19-23) there going about one level per year.

Jeter however had a slightly different path to the majors than Prado. From the beginning he had high expectations seeing how he was the #44 rated prospect by Baseball America going into the 1993 season. He spent a total of four seasons in the minors (ages 18-21) before moving up to the Majors.

By their minor league numbers both players are fairly similar

In 1777 Minor League AB's Jeter's numbers read as such

548 H

82 2B

32 3B

16 HR

90 SB

32 CS

206 BB

266 K

.308/.384/.418 (.802 OPS)


In 1920 Minor League ABs Prado's numbers are

576 H

90 2B

22 3B

15 HR

44 SB

36 CS

158 BB

248 K

.300/.353/.393 (.747 OPS)


Jeter of course being better on the base paths and having a little more power than Prado.


Now for Major League #'s


Over his career Jeter's career numbers show him to have a

14.9 SO%

9.0 BB%

2.3 HR%

26% X/H% (Percentage of hits that are extra base hits)

1.67 K/BB

1.22 GB/FB

22% LD%

.141 ISO

Over Prado's career his #'s stack up as such

11.8 SO%

7.4 BB%

1.7 HR%

32% X/H%

1.60 K/BB

0.82 GB/FB

19% LD%

.143 ISO


Looking at the numbers both players are pretty similar hitting wise. Jeter striking out and walking at a higher percentage than Prado and also hitting HRs at a higher percentage. Whats different however is that although Prado doesnt hit as many HRs as Jeter he does hit more XBH overall than Jeter (generally 2B's).


So why would a player that is "Jeter-esque" be on the bench for so long? simple.  At the time he was called up to the bigs the Braves already had a starting 3B and 2B at the time and there was no place for him.


Am I saying that Prado will have the same HOF career that Jeter has had? No. However that doesnt mean that he wont have a chance at it. Right now Prado is on pace for 213 H / 45 2B / 16 HR this season and if he keeps up that kind of production entering his prime he could very well go down as one of the best hitters in baseball. While not being a "power" hitter he is someone who will hit the ball anywhere in the field making him difficult to pitch to and difficult to defend.


That is all. Just wanted to share an observation I had of Prado and Jeter. Two very good hitters and it just feels good to have one of our own to keep at the top of the lineup for years to come.


Now if only we could get a LH version to put in the lead off spot so prado can go back to hitting 2nd =^)

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