Series Recap: D-Backs at Braves

The Braves come away with another series win, taking 2 out of 3 from the Diamondbacks. Pretty much all I ask is that we keep winning series. Game one was an exercise in a comeback victory, and one that seemed almost in the bag before the ninth inning even started. It was almost as if the Braves were just waiting to face that Arizona bullpen.

That approach may have doomed them in game 2, as they tried to wait out Rodrigo Lopez, but he was up to the task of pitching a brilliant game, and our bullpen let the score get out of hand before we had a chance to try and come back.

Game 3 was a good old fashion little league game (as Tom Glavine kept saying on the telecast). Lots of hitting from Atlanta, even from the pitcher. After being dominated by the D-Backs in game-2, the Braves turned the tables and dominated them in game-3.

The Martin Prado leadoff experiment was a raucous success. He was 6-for-14 with 6 RBI. His only two runs scored of the series were his own homeruns, but he got on base and the lower part of the order who was getting on in front of him -- ironically it was the old leadoff guy, Nate McLouth, who scored three runs in the series.

Here are some more good things from the Braves during the D-Backs series:

  • In 6 and 2/3 innings pitched, the Braves relievers not named Jesse Chavez gave up only 2 runs, continuing their good work on the season.
  • Eric Hinske was 5-for-11 with 2 runs and 4 RBI.
  • Nate McLouth was actually 4-for-11 with 3 runs and 4 RBI, and hits in every game.
  • Troy Glaus continues his hot hitting, going 5-for-11.
  • Tim Hudson is having one helluva year. He's among the top-10 in the league in ERA.
  • Omar Infante went 4-for-4 in game-1, the got to sit on the bench for two games.

The not so good from the D-Backs series:

  • Chipper Jones was just 1-for-10 with 2 walks.
  • Jason Heyward was just 1-for-12 with 2 walks in the second spot in the lineup, and just 1-for-2 in stolen base attempts.
  • Jesse Chavez threw one inning and gave up 5 runs on 5 hits including 2 homeruns.

Overall it was an excellent series for Atlanta, and a good way to keep momentum going after the sweep in Milwaukee.

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