Braves Play Complete Game, Win 11-3

Hit, field and pitch.

The Braves did all 3 on Tuesday night in a rout of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Tim Hudson was on the mound for the Braves and pitched well despite having issues with his command for most of the night. Tim allowed 6 hits and walked 6 as well, but only gave up 1 run. Why was Huddy so successful tonight? 13 ground ball outs. That'll save you every time.

Once Huddy left in the 6th, the bullpen (minus Peter Moylan) pitched very well. Eric O'Flaherty, Takashi Saito and Jonny Venters all pitched well and only allowed the Brewers to score 1 run after Hudson left the game. Good night for them.

The Braves' new lineup was fantastic tonight. In case you missed it, the Braves originally planned to hit Jason Heyward 2nd, but Chipper was a late scratch which moved J-Hey to the #3 spot in the lineup. Besides Heyward's return, Bobby stayed true to his word and gave Eric Hinske another start. Both of those moves worked out pretty well.

The Braves got on the board first in the 2nd inning with a big RBI double from Eric Hinske. Unfortunately, that lead didn't last long as the Brew Crew battled back in the bottom of the 2nd with a RBI single from Alcides Escobar to tie the game at 1-1.

The Braves took the lead again in the 4th inning when Omar Infante ripped a double to LF to score Jason Heyward. They added on in the top of the 6th when Troy Glaus showed the POWAH and hit a bomb down the LF line that just stayed fair, his 2nd HR of the series.

The Braves brought the bats in the 7th. Brian McCann drove in Martin Prado with a single and Eric Hinske followed with a big 2-RBI double to score Heyward and McCann. The good guys led 6-1 after 7 innings.

Eric O'Flaherty came in to pitch in the 7th and neither one was great. O'Flaherty allowed Jody Gerut to reach base and Moylan gave up a RBI single to Casey McGehee. Moylan gave up another RBI single, this time to Corey Hart, to make the game 6-3. Alcides Escobar gave Braves fan a scare with a potential line drive to the gap, but Martin Prado snagged it to keep the Braves lead at 3.

Brooks Conrad, Chipper's replacement, hit his 1st HR of the season in the 8th. He was then followed by J-Hey who drove in Nate McLouth with a RBI-groundout to 2nd. Troy Glaus essentially ended the game after that when he delivered a 2-run double to LF.

Nate McLouth drove in Brooks Conrad in the top of the 9th to make the score 11-3. Jonny Venters came in the bottom half and closed out the game without allowing a Brewer to reach base.

Braves win 11-3.

The Good, Bad and Ugly after the jump.

The Good:

1. The Defense - 'Nuff said.

2. Eric Hinske - 2-for-2,  3RBI  2BB  2 2Bs; Melky just lost his spot against righties.

3. Troy Glaus - 2-for-5,  3RBI  HR(4)  1 2B

4. Jason Heyward - 2-for-4,  1RBI  2BBs  SB(1)

5. Tim Hudson - 6IP  6H 1ER  1K/6BB; I still have no idea how Huddy only allowed 1 run tonight, but it was awesome.

6. Takashi Saito and Jonny Venters - 2IP  0H  0R  0BB/3K

7. Brian McCann - 2-for-4,  1RBI  1 2B; not a great stat line, but it's great to see Mac hitting with the glasses.

The Bad:

1. Peter Moylan - 0.1IP  3H  2R (1ER); any one starting to worry about PeMo a little bit?

The Ugly:


Game MVP(s): Eric Hinske and Troy Glaus

Game LVP(s): Brewers relievers Mitch Stetter and Carlos Villanueva

Upcoming Game:

The Braves will attempt to sweep the Brewers tomorrow afternoon. Everyone's favorite ace Derek Lowe will pitch for the good guys and (legit) ace Yovanni Gallardo will go for the bad guys. I'd fully expect Brian McCann and a few other starters to get the day off. FIRST PITCH AT 1:05EST.

Open Thread Comments Count: 3,182; the 1-day old TC comments record is broken tonight by an incredible 600+ comments. Holy Heyward.


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