Cubs at Braves Series Aftermath

We didn't get the sweep that we had hoped for, but we won the series which is a hallmark of what the Braves try to do during the season. If they can keep winning series, then they'll be in it at the end. Here are some bulletpointed good and bad things from the Braves recently completed series with the Cubs:


  • Our rookie right fielder has re-energized baseball fans in Atlanta, and hopefully that enthusiasm will stay with us all year.
  • Martin Prado had more than twice as many hits as anyone else (7-for12); he's sad to see the Cubs leave town.
  • Eric Hinske is stroking everything right now... perhaps he deserves some more playing time.
  • Our bullpen has yet to allow a run, tossing 10.2 scoreless innings. 
  • Our pitchers currently have the 2nd-best ERA in baseball and have allowed only 16 hits in 27 innings pitched... The best staff in baseball? The one we're about to face in San Francisco.


  • Our leadoff hitter was only 1-for-13 with 2 walks, a .200 on-base percentage; and he consequently only scored 1 run. My concern about Melky Cabrera is not overblown.
  • Troy Glaus has struck out 6 out of the 13 times he's come up to bat... not good.
  • We scored 16 runs in one game... and only 3 the next two games.
  • The worst starting pitching performance resulted in a win, the best starting pitching performance resulted in a loss... sounds a little like last year.
  • Before Thursday night's game, the Braves had scored 19 runs, but with only 17 hits, which tells me they're really not hitting that well, but they are taking advantage of run-scoring opportunities... until of course, last night.
  • We've struck out 24 times as a team, and only walked 14 times.

Series Hero:  As good as Jason Heyward did, I have to give this to Martin Prado, who hit just about everything that was thrown his way. The entire bullpen should get an honorable mention here, actually the entire pitching staff sans Derek Lowe.

Series Goat:  It's a close one between Troy Glaus and Melky Cabrera. I'm going to give it to Cabrera, who is supposed to set the table and couldn't do that all series. Glaus is a close second, though, for his failure to come through in run-scoring situations.

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