unmentioned advantages of our switch hitting bench

2 scenarios:

1) their closer throws with the same arm as the starter

2) their closer throws opposite the starter 


 if their closer throws with the opposite arm as the starter, our versatile bench negates the opposing manager’s ability to play with pitching matchups: Say we start with a left handed lineup against a right handed pitcher, but their closer is a lefty. When he is relieved in the 7th, the manager can either put in a lefty to have us counter with a right handed sub to face him AND the closer; or he can sub in a rh reliever to the advantage of our starters.  If they sub in the lefty the closer will have to face our opposite armed batters who’ve already had an at bat.If they sub in a righty, our starters get to hit off a reliever that normally pitches to righties. And because relievers frequently rely on the advantage of facing a like armed batter, opposing staffs will be substantially vulnerable in the 6-8th innings.

Also remember, a whole line change isnt necessary, the batter can be subbed after the pitcher and on a one on one basis. 


Conversely, if they start a righty and have a right handed closer, our starters are going to be the best guys to face the closer anyway. In this scenario we only use our right handed bats as pinch hitters and play our starters through the game. 

taking it further…if we have diaz in and want to sub in melky to hit a right handed relief pitcher in the middle of the game, he hits just as well as a righty if he then faces a lhp. If were lucky conrad will be the same tool. Infante also hits around .300 against righties and lefties. 


So when facing a closer opposite the starter, if we prove willing to sub in our bench players in the 7th if they switch sides on the mound, we will cripple the opposing manager and get very advantageous matchups 

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