2010 Prospect Predictions: On the rise or the make and breaks

This is my first post on the site.  I've been a huge Braves fan all my life.  Watching the Braves throughout the years has brought me alot of joy but, it is recently in the last four years that the minors have become my passion.  Talking of future stars to come, lights me up like a christmas tree.  So I hope you all enjoy my post.

On the rise: this is where I think who will make major strides this year and make themselves a household name in die hard Braves Country. 

3) Adam Milligan- OF Myrtle Beach- Adam is a smasher in every since of the word.  He doesn't have the huge power of Cody Johnson(not many do) but, still his overall AVG, OBP, and OPS makes the Braves Front Office think twice before signing a long term LF.  He lacks range as a defender and doesn't walk as much as I would like but all that can be worked on.   In the end Milligan could be higher on my list of movers but he's already ranked in the top 10 in some Braves prospects list so their is not much room for him to move. 

2) Chris Masters- P Rome-  Chris is a personal favorite of mine.  He dominated the Appy league last year and deserved every bit of his promotion.  He was "Master "ful last year with a mouthdropping era and bb:k ratio. His "unhittable" palm ball will definitely  be on display to bolster his prospect status .  The Downside of Masters is he dominated as an older player(22) last year and will have to prove himself surrounded with better talent. 

and the no.1 player on the rise is:

1) Robinson Lopez- P Rome- Lopez is an unkown monster to most in Braves Country.  But get ready to be talking about him soon.  Kudos to the Braves for putting him next to Teheran and Vizcaino.  Watching them daily and seeing the hype they bring to Rome everyday will, I believe, truly elevate his game.  He has the stuff to jump into the top 10 of Braves Prospects with a solid 2010 campaign.  So you can understand his talent, he's jumping over Danville and playing in Rome as a 19 yr old, a feet neither Teheran or Vizcaino has accomplished.  He is less than 2 months older than Teheran and 4 months younger than Vizcaino.  His downside is only how he handles the jump to Rome, this is a great oppurtunity for him to make a name for himself but a bad season could be a detrament to his psychi. 

other notables: Andy Otero (P), Cory Harrilchak (OF),Robert Hefflinger (OF), Edward Salcedo (SS).  Salcedo could jump to as high as #3 if he lives up to his ceiling.

The Make and Breaks: These are the prospects who have stalled on their projections and need to prove themselves before falling off the mainstream prospect radar.

3) Scott Diamond- P Mississippi- Scott was once a promising prospect. He was excellent in 2008 but failed to meet expectations on a higher platform.  2009 Diamond showed a lackluster fastball and underwelming secondary pitches.  Plus side- His 2008 campaign was to good to lose all faith in him, lets hope for a bounce back year in 2010.

2) Cody Johnson- OF Mississippi- Cody was our former first round pick with chart topping power.  We all know his problem lays strictly to his strikeout rate.  He gets comparisons to Adam Dunn but Dunn never struck out this much.  2010 is a crucial year for Cody, he will be facing even more talented pitchers this year and a sub .250 avg with a 25% K rate isn't going to cut it.  With Schafer, Heyward and Milligan all making claims to being the Braves future outfielders he can't afford to be left behind. Plus side- He is still relitively young so he has time, Nelson Cruz came into his own at the prime age of 28.  Lets hope it doesn't take this long.

1) Cole Rohrbough- P Myrtle Beach- Cole had to be the biggest prospect downer of last year.  He was once coveted and well known throughout the league.  But a lack of confidence and fire kept Cole from being as dominant as his 2008 performance.  Plus side -He supposively has worked on his mechanics and has looked better to most scouts, the only problem is we won't know how much this has improved his confidence until full season ball starts.

Other Notables: Jacob Thompson(P), Stephen Marek(P), Brandon Hicks(IF).


Go Braves!!

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