Introducing Two New Bloggers For Talking Chop

As much as I love writing about the Braves, the daily grind of a full season can be bit much, so I have enlisted a couple of new faces to help me out this year. While they may be new to the front page, they should not be new to most of you who follow the blog on a daily basis. Please welcome Jacob Peterson (pacgnosis) and Scott Coleman (mvhsbball) to the Talking Chop team. Together the three of us will handle all of the open thread and game recaps, and hopefully add some additional series previews and recaps that will add to the content on TC.

To learn a little more about each follow, I asked them to write up a short bio, which appears after the jump...

Here is the bio for Jacob:

Jacob Peterson moved to Atlanta in 1985, when he was 4, and hasn't lived anywhere else since. He's been a Braves fan as long as he can remember,  despite his father's malicious influence (dad's a Yankee fan). He graduated from Georgia Tech in 2003 and now writes math and verbal curriculum for a national tutoring company. He has an exciting September in store, between his impending marriage and the Braves' drive for the playoffs. 

He has only been posting on Talking Chop for a few months, but he's a long-time reader, and considers TC to be the smartest, most devoted, and most attractive group of sports fans out there. He is also not afraid of buttering up his audience. He likes thinking of new and interesting ways of using and visualizing statistics, and hopes that his pretty graphs can help distract from his long-windedness. (As a side note, he is uncomfortable writing in the third person--Rickey Henderson he is not.)

And here is the bio for Scott:

My name is Scott and I'm a college student living in the deserts of southern Arizona. I was born and raised in the heart of St. Louis Cardinals country, but always stayed loyal to the Braves after seeing my first game all the way back in 1994. Unfortunately, I only get to see the Braves play once or twice a year in person, but I never like to miss a game. Some may call me obsessed, but I enjoy following and cheering for something bigger than myself.

Besides the Braves, you can probably find me doing something with sports, friends or family. I played baseball and basketball throughout my entire childhood and still do whenever I get a chance. I love watching movies and I'm listening to music a good majority of the day. Not married and no kids and it'll (probably) stay that way for quite a while. I guess I'm just enjoying college life and taking it day by day. Oh, and it would be a criminal injustice to not win the World Series for Bobby in his final year, so let's get that done for him.

I'm thrilled to have both of these guys on board -- they're already brimming with ideas. None of the other writers will be going away. CB and Matt will be splitting the minor league duties, and in the process providing Braves fans with the most in-depth free coverage of the Braves minor league system anywhere. Royhobbs will keep us all up to speed on the rest of the NL East with his weekly "Other Mom's Basements" posts. And I of course will be all over the place relaying every piece of Braves-related news out there. As a side note, my gig with did not materialize past spring training as I had hoped, so I am back to being a one-blog blogger.

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