Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 4/30 - Sweep Edition

Yes ladies and gentlemen the ultimate Slump-Buster is the rare Organizational Sweep. A phenomenon that occurs just a couple a times a season and very rarely after the all star break (when there are 6 minor league teams playing instead of just 4). Maybe with all 5 teams winning tonight it signals the beginning of something great. God I hope so.

Norfolk 1, Gwinnett 5

  • F. Freeman 2-3 BB, CS(1), .264
  • B. Canizares 2-4 HR(1), 3 RBI, .258
  • M. Jones 2-4 HR(3), 2 RBI, K, .253
  • T. Redmond 5IP 7H 1R 1BB 4K 3.26
  • C. Kimbrel 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1.42

Freddie Freeman is now second on the team in OPS (behind Clevlen) and has found a groove here in the past couple of weeks and Gwinnett has won 6 of 9. Craig Kimbrel continues to dominate AAA as he threw just 9 pitches while earning his 5th save of the season in the wake of the news that Billy Wagner is retiring after this season.

Mississippi 5, Jacksonville 4

  • E. Duncan 2-5 2B, HR(2), 2 RBI, 2K, .343
  • M. Minor 5IP 5H 4R 2BB 11K 4.56
  • B. Butts 2IP 2H 0R 0BB 6K 0.71
  • S. Marek 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K 0.00

I have always wondered what guys like Eric Duncan think when they are dominating a level that they know they are too good for. Do they think "Man I wish I was in AAA!) or is more of the "Man I rock this league, I love putting up awesome numbers like this". Probably somewhere in between. I still don't know what to think of this Mike Minor 2.0 we have been seeing. For the year he has 25K in 20 innings but also 18 hits and 14 walks. I just don't think this increased velocity has led to him being a better pitcher yet. Key word there is yet. Brett Butts has 19K in 12.2 innings.

Frederick 4, Myrtle Beach 5

  • Y. Campusano 1-3 HR(3), BB, .222
  • G. Avila 3-4 RBI, .317
  • J. Sucre 2-4 2B, RBI, .278
  • B. Oberholtzer 5.1IP 8H 3R 0BB 4K 5.06

Brett Oberholtzer held his own in his first start in the Carolina League and the bullpen survived long enough to see him get the win as well. Gerardo Avila is hitting .429 in his last 8 games with 6 XBH. He strikes out a bunch but he also takes a few walks. He reminds me of Ernesto Mejia and Gerardo Rodriguez in his approach. He is old for the league but is a useful organizational bat and he makes this team better.

Rome 3, Greensboro 2

  • K. Rose 0-3 2BB, 2K, SB(8), .351
  • C. Bethancourt 2-4 2 2B, K, .275
  • M. Jones 1-4 HR(1), 2 RBI, .125
  • C. Rasmus 5IP 4H 1R 0BB 4K 1.15
  • R. Lopez 4IP 3H 1R 1BB 4K 2.16

Cory Rasmus and Robinson Lopez combined to shutdown the poorly named Greenboro Grasshoppers. Both guys have been very impressive this year. Rasmus has 20K in just 15+ innings while allowing just 8 hits so far. Mycal Jones has had a rough time so far and I hope his homer tonight can get him going. Kyle Rose is 4th in the Sally in batting and 2nd in OBP. He also leads the league in caught stealing.

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