Anyone for an Opening Day "hello and goodbye"?

Okay, every year, I tell myself that I won't post this, but who am I kidding - I'm excited as all hell that it's almost Opening Day, and the reality is sinking in that it's almost Monday, when I'll be skipping out at work at 12:30 and promptly heading to the Ted for a game that starts at 4pm.

But anyway, throughout the last few weeks, many have stated their agenda that they'll be at the Ted for Opening Day, and despite the fact that so many are apt to say "yeah let's do it" and then not show, I guess I'll throw the branch out again.  Because all my friends are of the artsy type and aren't nearly into sports as I am I have no friends, because I am a sad, miserable basement dweller that blames his 576 lb. obesity and narcissism to why nobody likes me.

So if anyone is interested in manning (or . . . "woman-ing" I guess) up and daring to meet your fellow nerds, basement dwellers, and the people you play internet one-upsmanship with on the blog, I'm suggesting a casual meetup to those who might be interested.  If anything at all, it's an excuse to gather real Braves fans together amongst the lame Cubbie blue.

Since many of you might want to be sitting and enjoying the Ted, and watch first pitch, first Heyward at-bat, first Heap homer from your own seats, I am suggesting a meeting point at one of the two locations, starting at the top of the 4th inning:

  • Standing room behind the Braves bullpen
  • Standing room skyline area on third level, in front of Lexus (I ain't calling it "Golden Moon") Level on the RIGHT field side.

Both of these locations will (hopefully) be a little open and easy to stand around and chat, while watching the greatness blossoming that is Jason Heyward, and mocking Kosuke Fukudome.

If we can decide on a spot, I'll be there from the 4th inning until I realize that nobody else is coming and be off on my merry way.  I'm guessing I'll be fairly identifiable, because I'll be wearing my home white jersey, and my Carolina Blue Myrtle Beach Pelicans cap.  If it's still daylight, I'll probably be wearing some redneck mirrored aviators.

So there we have it.  Anyone else interesting in putting some faces to the names?  Esoteric jokes, possibility of getting called out on the blog, and always the remote possibility of drunk gondeee crashing the party.  Comment below.

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