Projecting 5 years out...

Free agent moves, trades, draft picks, all sorts of things will change between now, and opening day in 2015,  But for poots and chuckles, here's a look at what we have available for that far in the future.


C-McCann is likely still around.  Others in the mix are Jesus Sucre and Clint Sammons as Eddie Perez style career backups, or Christian Bethancourt as the young stud ready to take over.

1B-Freddie Freeman in all likelihood will be manning this spot.  Possibly McCann or Bethancourt, perhaps Riann Spanjer-Furstenburg, Jake Hanson, Gerarrdo Rodriguez or Edison Sanchez.

2B-Prado perhaps, although it'd be nice to think Myke Jones take this spot over.  Kind of the biggest ? iyam as far as who's here in 5 years.

3B-Salcedo or Hicks assuming Chipper has been retired for a year or three by now.  Also in the mix would be Donnell Linares, Edison Sanchez, Jake Hanson and Yunel Escobar.

SS-Yunel should still be here, although Hicks, Jones, or Salcedo might be if he's gone.

RF-No commnets needed.

CF-Schafer, Kyle Rose, Matt Young, Cory Harrilchak

LF-Adam Milligan, Cody Johnson, Robby Hefflinger, perhaps one of the IFs finds a spot here like Rodriguez, Hanson, Sanchez, Linares, or a CF possibilty like Rose

So a lineup of perhaps









Then in the pitching staff you lead off with Tommy Hanson, close with Craig Kimbrel, have Cory Gearrin handling the 8th, and fill in the other spots from Kris Medlen, Julio Teheran, Arodys Vizcaino, Mike Minor, Jair Jurrjens, Jose Ortegano, Carlos Perez, Robinson Lopez, Randall Delgado, Zeke Spruill, Brett Devall, JJ Hoover, Tyler Stovall, Caleb Brewer, Lee Hyde, Mike Dunn, Johnny Venters, EOF, Jeff Lyman, Kyle Cofield, Jesse Chavez, Matt Crim, Brett Oberholtzer, and others.  As you can tell, the options for starters behind Hanson (Teheran, Vizcaino, Minor, etc) is lengthy and some could easily end up in the bullpen setting up for Kimbrel.  Even if some falter, we've got plenty to form a 12 man staff, entirely from within and all pre-free agency and under arbitration/team control.


Think anyone else can put up a current projection like that for 5 years down the road?  Pretty bright future I think, and of them all only McCann, Yunel, and Jurrjens would have been eligible for free agency leaving plenty of money to address any needs opening up.

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