Gameday: Braves @ Astros, 3/14 Kissimmee Florida

First an apology... I got to the game today with my spiffy digital camera only to find out I didn't charge the battery. Fail.  So these pics were taken on an iPhone which kind of explains the low quality, and lack of action shots.  But you can get a decent flavor of what a lovely day at the park it was.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day for baseball, and the Osceola Stadium in Kissimmee is one of my favorite places to catch a game in the Grapefruit League.  Awesome food, good seats, the works. 

I recapped some of my thoughts on a fun game here in the comments section.

Today's lineup.  We got a pretty good lineup for a split squad, I am guessing Bobby wasn't gonna make the Vets take the long bus ride to Dunedin when Kissimmee is 10 minutes.  Obviously I would have loved to see J-Hey, but I will be going to 4-5 more games before they break camp.


They do it right in Kissimmee when it comes to food, son.  Way better then the Disney garbage.  I had one of these (with a liberal dose of hot sauce), and it was as delicious as the name is awesome.


I saw a ton of Francouer jerseys today.  I am just going to put this out there now:  You folks rocking the Frenchy jerseys need to pony up for a new player.  I understand we all loved him (for a while) , but this just doesn't fly right now.



I had pretty good seats right on the field, so I got the chance to briefly chat up some of the players and coaches.  TP did more autographs then anyone. Awesome dude.


 B-Mac love da kids


Chipper warms up.  In the presence of greatness.


The dude in the blue hat is Zach Greinke's dad.  Greinke played his HS ball here in Central Florida (Apopka), and is a bit of a local legend.  He knew alot of the Braves pitching coaches and some of the players.


Stupid no zoom on iPhones.  Like Gondee, the collection of high jersey numbers gave me a quick laugh.


Chipper on first.  This was about the point where I got frustrated of the iPhone's crappy camera quality and refocused my energies on drinking beer, so thus ends this album.  I'm going to a couple more, most notably Braves- Philles next wednesday, so I will charge the camera and try to give you folks something better.

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