I am, as you can tell by my screen name, a looooong time Braves fan. My family moved to the ATL in 1975. I have been involved in an argument with my brother for about 8 years or so. It has evolved over the years from bragging rights to monetary exchanges to finally public displays guaranteed to embarass one or the other.

Buzz Capra was pitching for the Braves and the runner on first attempted a stolen base. The catcher stood and threw to second and Capra turned to look. Unfortunately, he forgot to duck and got plowed in the back of the head. Chuckle. Chuckle. Our problem is that we cannot remember the year, who we were playing and (here is the basis of our wager), who was the catcher. 

I have searched various data bases and apparently, I am woefully inept. Here is a chance for you cyber-sport-geeks to hook me up with some much needed info. I can give you a head start:

Pos.              Player                    Games Pitched / Played


Pitcher          Capra                               12

Catcher       Vic Correll                         103

                     Biff Pocoroba                    67

                     Johnny Oates                    8

                     Joe Nolan                          4


Pitcher       Capra                                  5

Catcher      Vic Correll                         69

                    Earl Williams                   61

                    Biff Pocoroba                   54

                    Dale Murphy                     19

                    Pete Varney                       5


Pitcher       Capra                                  45

Catcher     Biff Pocoroba                     113

                   Vic Correll                           54

                   Joe Nolan                           62

                   Dale Murphy                       18

My brother thinks it was Correll and I think it is Poco. I had forgotten that Murph was catching during those years, but I do remember why they moved him to 1B and eventually CF. So it could have been one of his errant throws to second.  

My research did allow me to think about players that I had not thought of in years and I hope that y'all will be able to do the same. It kind of makes me appreciate the Braves that we have watched for the past 18 years or did we suck back then!

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