Out on a Limb (way out)

    I know that the subject of Barry Bonds return to Baseball is dead (and it should have been buried) but when I saw the story about Barry Bonds missing Brunch in La La land I clicked on it. (So blame yahoo sports for bringing it up again not me)

What I saw was an comparatively "in shape" (from my point of view, round is a shape too) Barry...behaving...(by his standards) quite civil to fans of another team (right, he does not have one that he is on).....out side a restaurant in LA.

In my true confessions I feel so dirty even allowing the thought of him becoming a Brave (but I bet there are others) but I can not get this greed of wanting him on our team slipping into my head.

 I look upon the shear insane judgment on his part to do the bad  things he has done being more than just a weakness of his character. It also must be viewed as a product of how the business of sports was being run, then and to some part now. Seeing now that some big names are now coughing up the truth that they were guilty of the same thing, Barry's evil is not as bad as it once least not to me. 

 I can not help to think that he still has time for a comeback. Depending on his legal struggles, he could (judging by this recent photo) probably still play the game good enough to not only make a team but contribute in a big way to win games (think older we have had before).

There have been soooo many other incredulous (I was going to say "worse" but went with a big word because what Barry did was pretty bad on two levels) people that have made a comeback from worse situations than his. In the world of professional sports and celebrity domain there have been acts by some that included up to murder that make his (I like to say his were messing with his own body and lying about it in federal court) acts seem small. I guess you have to add cheating to his list of "acts" which is more of a baseball infraction but is sometimes a good thing because Gaylord Perry is in the hall and he admits to cheating.

As Barry has done these things he will have to live with it but I would have to say I would not be so negative if he joined our team (and I guess I will now have to forgive Pee Wee Herman too because his crimes were the same as Barry's. Say, did you see Pee Wee on Conan's final Tonight show?)

I am curious how others feel about this and I will refrain from making a poll but since it is still off season why not take a moment or two to write.

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