Braves Caravan 2010: Franklin, TN

Cold, rainy, nasty day....but perfect for getting some autographs. The caravan stopped in Franklin, Tennessee today at the Embassy Suites. There was a pretty good turnout for it to be such an ugly day and 2:00 in the afternoon. I estimated between 100-125 people at the peak, which doesn't  seem like a lot but it really is for an area that's so football-centered. I got to watch a Q & A with Frank Wren and young Braves players while drinking beer in a hotel bar....fantastic afternoon.

(left to right: Brian Snitker, Frank Wren, Brooks Conrad, Jason Heyward, Mike Minor)

It was actually different from some of the other stops evidently. The local Braves affiliate (104.5 The Zone) had a pretty nice setup in the hotel bar with a table for the guys to sit at and answer some questions. The guys from the afternoon show asked some questions and some people in the audience asked some questions. Nothing new of note really, if you read the blog regularly you've probably heard all the responses. A lot of questions to Mike Minor since he played at Vandy, which is about 20 minutes up the road. Wren did mention how he thought Melky would be great for the club and be complementary to the rest of the outfielders. He also stated they're still in discussions with Glavine about a front office job and possibly some color commentary. He also mentioned Garrett Anderson being a "professional hitter", it made me cringe, and I quickly ordered another beer. They asked Snitker some questions out of pity and then went to autographs.


The guys signed for 30 or 45 minutes which seemed like enough to get everyone in attendance an autograph. Frank Wren was very nice and talkative, as was Brooks Conrad. Conrad seemed really glad to be there. Snitker just kind of sat there and seemed like he'd rather be anywhere else. Heyward and Minor were both really nice but not big talkers.

Just another pic from behind the line.

Brian Snitker, Brooks Conrad, and Heyward

For some reason I though Mike Minor would be a bit bigger. He's about average size which is awesome cause I love cheering for athletes that are built like myself. Really nice guy though. Very reserved.

This BEAST of a kid however was about what I thought. This was the first time I had seen him in person and man is he impressive. Just a monster. He was nice to everyone that came through and it's gonna be very exciting watching him in the spring.

Not the greatest rundown but hopefully these recaps make up just a little for those people not able to make it out. I know they're recording a lot of these and putting them on the Braves'  website so just wanted to get in another fan's perspective.

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