"Will you sign my balls?" Macon, GA

My apologies for the immature title. Though I must admit that at events like these, it's always tempting to say something stupid/lame/stupid that the guys would remember or maybe mention to each other on the bus ride home. Anyway, I just figured I'd pass along some photos and share what went down today in Macon. I had a handful of stuff to get signed, so my girlfriend took the pictures. There were a ton of people there and they were pushing people through quickly, so she captured what she could. We were asked not to ask the players to look at the camera and smile, although most of them tried to when possible.


In the picture above you'll see the crew: Huddy, Heyward, Redmond, Ross, Hubbard, Clontz, and Jim Powell. Huddy was typical Huddy - polite and quirky. I told him, "Happy to see you in a Braves uniform for a few more years." He looked at me, then at my girlfriend for about three seconds or so, then replied "I appreciate that; it's good to be back." Then I asked, "How's the elbow feeling?" "It's feeling real good, real strong." See folks. Huddy's no injury risk, he said so.


Here's big bad Jason Heyward, emphasis on big. He's gonna look monstrous at the plate this year. You almost feel like he should go to the plate with a pine tree. He started signing with his right hand until he realized there were cameras around. I had all of these things I wanted to ask him, but I blanked and just thanked him for coming out. He replied, but it was so deep and manly that it went beyond my human ability to hear frequencies so low. Then he tamed a wild stallion. Anyway. He was very calm, cool, and collected throughout the whole event and looked like he had been doing this for 10 years.


Here's Redmond, Ross, Hubbard, and Clontz. I really like Redmond. I told him I hoped to see him get his shot in the Bigs this year. He said thanks a lot, and gave me an appreciative "that makes two of us!" kind of look. David Ross is one cool dude, too. It's obvious he's got a great sense of humor. I asked him how he was enjoying the offseason, and he said that it was good, and he was ready to get back out there. Hubbard was happy to sign a ball for me, as was Clontz and Powell. It was cool of Clontz to be there; it was interesting to meet an old Braves player whom I used to emulate his odd delivery when I was 8 or so.


One last pic of the crew. It's always interesting to actually meet and interact with people that you talk so much about, but don't really know. It's unreal to blog about Jason Heyward all day and then next thing you know, he's three feet in front of you. It definitely made me anxious for Spring Training to start, I'll say that. It was a good time today, but for me, the real win was finally getting my girlfriend her first autograph. It took a year and a half to get her into Braves baseball with me, and when you get anyone to see the beauty in baseball, it's a win for everyone (except football fans). And now look, she's totally...


...stoked about it.

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