Braves Caravan, Evans stop 1.31.10

Second day of the Braves Caravan, stopping in Evans, GA. In attendance were Freddie Freeman, Zane Smith, Paul Assenmacher, Jim Powell and Homer the Brave. According to Braves public relations maven Beth, Logan Shaver had a family emergency and could not make it. Kind of a bummer for a lot of kids that there were no "big" Braves there, but they'll be really happy one day (soon) that they got to meet Freddie. I am already.

So not having any photos of Freddie for my niece to get signed, who else would I turn to but CB. He more than gave me his blessing to use his photos (big thanks), and gave me a message to give to Freddie. I gave Erin one of Freddie in MB powder blues and I took the one of him taking it easy in the dugout while on the DL in MS. I was a little disappointed that Logan wasn't there, as I was going to ask him to sign a pic with "FJM", but maybe next time.

Jim Powell=very nice man, needs a better hairstyle. Paul Assenmacher, nice guy as well, but I'd change my name. Zane Smith, know. But at least he was a lot more cheerful this time. Freddie, just too cool. So easy going, just want to be his friend immediately kind-of-guy. I'm impressed.

Scary picture alert...below is a small version of the original above. I really wanted to get the kid in there with FF, but couldn't crop Zane out and I don't want to scare the little ones around here...

Here's my niece with Freddie. Ya, she didn't inherit the present face (and yet people say we look exactly alike), but don't let that pretty human face fool you. Look for her to be beating the holy snot outta some poor chick in the women's soccer Olympics in about 8 years. She's no pushover, people. I taught her well.

So I hand FF my pic and tell him that I didn't take it, but he might know who did. He looks at the picture and immediately smiles and says, "Yeah, I know who took this." I said, "well, he said to tell you he's looking forward to taking pictures of you in Spring Training in a few weeks." Nobody's mentioned any names at this point. Freddie signs the pic, hands it back to me and says, "Tell CB I look forward to seeing him in a few weeks, too." 

Sweet, I think I just named dropped with Freddie Freeman! CB rocks. 

So here's why I mentioned Homer being there. He tried to steal a bicycle. He couldn't get it through the doors - they wouldn't open for him. So then he turned around and tried to act all cool, like he meant to do it. I did turn the sarcasm light on, didn't I?

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's pics from the Caravan stops we can't make it to. Post!



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