First Annual Minaya Cup

The idea is pretty simple...we're going to give out a fictitious award for the worst MLB GM, based upon which signs the worst free agents and makes the worst deals (both bad trades and FA signings). While Minaya is more known for bad signings than he is for bad players, I still think the shoe fits.

What I'm going to do is allow anyone and everyone who wants a shot at voting for this to send me a list of your top 25 worst free agents of the 2010 offseason. 1 being the absolute worst free agent, 25 being the best of the worst. I will compile the results, giving 25 points to the worst free agent and 1 point for the best of the worst. Any former Braves (MLB only, not minor leagues) will receive a bonus of two points, regardless of their place.

Please send your entries to . Please include your SBN handle in the email.


Voting will close at 7pm EST Friday, and I will compile the top 25 list by Monday.

After the vast majority of the trades and FA signings occur, we'll revisit and poll everyone for the top 25 worst trades/signings of the offseason (for instance, the Dan Uggla deal will probably earn the Marlins GM some points because it was a horrible trade for them, while the Nats GM could get some points because of the length and amount of money on the Werth signing). Only free agent signings and trades count, no extensions (for instance, Tulo's deal is off the table but Jeter's re-signing is not...Tulo not a FA, Jeter was).

Whichever GM collects the most points in the two competitions combined during the offseason will be declared the winner of the First Annual Minaya Cup.

I figure the first day of Spring Training works for the deals section of the competition...most everything should be sorted by then, and we don't want any ST injuries to affect the voting. The winner will be announced on the final day of the offseason, i.e. Opening Day eve.

This contest is in no way endorsed by Talking Chop, its writers or moderators. It is meant in fun, albeit some coming at the expense of Mr. Minaya and the GM that loses the competition.


This FanPost does not express the views or opinions of Talking Chop.

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