A more Realistic look at the upcoming season.

Alright Braves fans, lets get real. Here you go with realistic projections for the offense and starting pitching staff with the players we have as of today.

1.Martin Prado-LF-.310avg-108rs-186hits-42doubles-18hr-68rbi-12sb-51bb/56k-.815ops

2.Jason Heyward-RF-.296avg-92rs-179hits-36doubles-6triples-24hr-92rbi-21sb-88bb/107k-.900ops


4.Dan Uggla-2nd-.278-88rs-163hits-32doubles-38hr-117rbi-94bb/137k-..923ops

5.Brian McCann-C-.307avg-81rs-161hits-44doubles-31hr-108rbi-77bb/82k-.916ops

6.Alex Gonzalez-SS-.262avg-61rs-117hits--28doubles-16hr-69rbi-43bb/96k-.780ops

7.Freddie Freeman-1st-.283-71rs-128hits-31doubles-18hr-72rbi-58bb/117k-.810ops

8.Nate McLouth-CF-.255avg-57rs-114hits-21doubles-18hr-61rbi-50bb/86k-..770ops


1.Eric Hinskie-.262avg-42rs-93hits-18doubles-14hr-57rbi-37bb/62k-.793ops

2.Joe Mather-.277avg-33rs-76hits-15doubles-8hr-31rbi-31bb/55k-.781ops

3.David Ross-.281avg-27rs-54hits-12doubles-11hr-41rbi-24bb/28k-.823ops

4.Matt Young-.274avg-24rs-48hits-10doubles-5triples-3hr-18rbi-17sb-31bb/26k-.788ops

5.Diory Hernandez-.243avg-18rs-37hits-8doubles-4hr-14rbi-12bb/41k-.709ops

6.Brooks Conrad-.258avg-25rs-46hits-12doubles-10hr-35rbi-17bb/51k-.763ops

                             Starting Rotation

1.Tim Hudson-15-7-2.87era-207IP-191hits-58bb-147k-1.20whip

2.Tommy Hanson-19-8-2.46era-227IP-188hits-61bb-207k-1.10whip

3.Derek Lowe-16-11-3.37era-218IP-207hits-63bb-142k-1.24whip

4.Jair Jurrjens-15-8-3.17era-187IP-176hits-59bb-148k-1.26whip

5.Mike Minor-11-5-3.62era-148IP-137hits-51bb-141k-1.27whip

6.Brandon Beachy-8-5-3.47era-118IP-107hits-47bb-112k-1.31whip


1.Eric O'Flaherety-3-2-2.87era-2saves-47IP-36hits-23bb-42k-1.26whip

2.Scott Linebrink-2-2-3.37era-5saves-64IP-57hits-18bb-57k-1.17whip

3.George Sherrill-1-3-3.79era-1save-55IP-52hits-26bb-47k-1.41whip

4.Cory Gearrin-0-2-3.44era-41IP-30hits-15bb-33k-1.10whip

5.Christhian Martinez-1-4-3.89era-36IP-41hits-9bb-32k-1.38whip

6.Scott Procter-2-3-4.14era-27IP-34hits-16bb-22k-1.85whip

7.Jonny Venters-4-0-2.14era-12saves-78IP-62hits-28bb-91k-1.15whip


Craig Kimbrel- 3-2-1.67era-28saves-63IP-41hits-31bb-89k-1.14whip


These stats are only predictions. Not sure about Moylan being back or if injuries will play any part. Now, I want to give you guys my top 10 Offensive player and top 10 Pitchers.

                                                       Offensive Players

1. Freddie Freeman-First baseman. Offensive and defensive force.Will be given every opportunity to win starting job during the spring, and I think he will succeed. Grade-9.5

2.Matt Lipka-SS for now, but could transfer to CF if needed. Great young athlete. Should arrive around 2013.Grade 8.5

3.Christian Bethancourt- Defensive catcher who is improving offensively each year.Arrival time 2013 mid season.Grade 8.0

4.Edward Salcedo-Young SS who has struggled adapting to pro ball. Is an outstanding athlete who should only improve as he ages.Arrival time 2014.Grade 7.75

5.Myke Jones-Can play SS,2nd, or CF. Best athlete in the organization. Can develop into a 20/20 SS, which is a rare commodity in today's game.Arrival time 2011 late season. Grade 7.75

6.Adam Milligan-OF-Could develop into powerful corner outfielder, probably LF. Only hope he improves his batting eye and doesn't turn into another Cody Johnson. Needs to get healthy. Arrival time 2013/2014.Grade 7.25

7.Cory Harrilchack-OF-Played very well in winter league this off season. Probably deserves to be higher on the list, but lack of power is his downfall.Above average speed. Could develop into a poor mans Jacoby Ellsbury. Arrival time late 2011 if he plays great early, probably 2012.Grade 7.25,could be 8+

8.Kyle Rose-OF-Big time speed, NO POWER!!!!!! Needs to improve hid sb% to be helpful on the big club.Arrival time 2013.Grade 7.00

9.Phillip Gosselin-INF- Can play 2nd,SS,or 3rd. For some reason, he's not given the props he deserves. Super sleeper. Arrival time 2013. Grade 7.00

10.Tyler Pasternicky-2nd/SS-Picked up in the Escobar deal, he is dynamic on the base path,with a keen batting eye. If he improves his average just a tick, he could be a future all-star.Arrival time 2011 late/2012.

10+Matt Young-OF-I have to put him on here, as he is too good not to. He is a little old to be a prospect(28), but he could make a significant contribution in Atlanta this season. If he could hit 15+HR, he would be great.Grade8+


1.Julio Teheran-RH-Has dynamic stuff and has improved each season. Future CY candidate. Arrival time late 2011/early 2012.Grade9.5

2.Randall Delgado-RH-Like Teheran, has a dynamic arsenal. Future 1/2 punch. Arrival time 2012.Grade 9.0

3.Arodys Vizcaino-RH-Atlanta is blessed with great rh arms in the minors. Could be better than Teheran or Delgado. Arrival time 2013.Grade 9.0

4.Mike Minor-LH-Already made a splash last season and will probably be the big clubs #5 this season. Grade 8.5

5.Brandon Beachy-RH-Like Minor, proved he could play in the bigs last season. His control and ability to strike guys out could keep around for a long time. Grade 8.5

6.Craig Kimbrel-RH-If you go by pure pitching talent, he could be #1 on this list. Might be Atlanta's closer this season. Grade 8.5

7.JJ Hoover-RH-Strike out pitcher who can dominate when he is hot. Arrival time 2012.Grade 8.0

8.Carlos Perez-LH-Young lefty who has nasty stuff. Can be really good. Arrival time 2014.Grade 7.75

9.Brett Oberholtzer- Good young lh pitcher.Arrival time 2013.Grade 7.5

10 Chris Masters-LH-Not on many top 20 lists, but I think he's got real good stuff. Arrival time 2013.Grade 7.25

10+Cory Rasmus-RH-Been injured most of his career, but dominates when he's on the mound. Arrival time 2013. Grade 7+


You may or may not agree with me, so please, let me know what you think, and post your own top 10's!!!

This FanPost does not express the views or opinions of Talking Chop.

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