Poll: Opening Day Payroll

Nearing the end of the calendar year the roster seems to be closed to a finished product. I still expect to see a CF signed before the season begins. MLBTR  just did a piece on the possible options, internal and external. While one of those players could very well be a Braves in 2011, I wouldn't rule out a signing of a lesser CF just to add competition for Schafer, Mather and Young for the 4th OF. If i had to guess, I'd say it will be Andruw, Bloomquist or Hairston. I am a huge believer in Schafer and fully expect him to be a very good CF for us in the future. But I don't expect him to be on the roster on Opening Day. Even if he tops his 09 ST.

I also wouldn't rule out another reliever signing. Probably not someone they expect to be on the 25 man roster, but someone with a ST invite and you never no what can happen then.

There are some contracts still to be worked out as well, for players who are already locked in for the bigs. Uggla will have an extension of $10m+, and Moylan, O'Flarherty an Prado still have arb cases to be settled. Plus the money will we pay for someone to take KK off our hands.

On thing I have heard rumblings about that I don't expect to see is an IF signing. Nor do I expect to see Diory, Hicks,  Ed Lucas, or any other internal options on the roster. I know people want some insurance for Freddie at 1B but we already have a nice R/L combo in Prado and Hinske who can take some pressure off FF.

The one thing that could change all of this is if Chipper has any set backs and we are aware before the season that he won't be available from the start.

With that being said, here is my expected opening day roster and salary:

Lowe 15,000,000
Huddy 9,000,000
JJ 2,400,000*
Hanson 480,000
Minor/Beachy 440,000

Mac 6,666,667
Freeman 400,000
Uggla 10,000,000*
AGon 2,500,000
Chipper 13,000,000
Prado 2,750,000*
Nate 7,750,000
Heyward 440,000

Mather 440,000
Ross 1,625,000
Hinske 1,350,000
Andruw 750,000*
Conrad 440,000

O'Flarherty 1,000,000*
Linebrink 2,000,000
Sherrill 1,200,000
Proctor 750,000
Venters 440,000
Pemo 1,725,000*
Kimbrel 400,000

Kawakami 5,550,000

Salary - 88,496,667

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