Dear Liberty Media

From Peter Gammons:

"The Braves have all kinds of pitching coming, but the current ownership has given indications that they're watching costs for a future sale; the fact that they're not interested in extending Frank Wren long-term after the job he did last season has been taken by many in the organization as a bad sign"


Please sell the Atlanta Braves to a owner that gives a damn about actually winning. I don't like you, and I hope that you burn in hell per the profits that you make selling pornography on your network.  I hope that the Colorado Rockies, the team that you most likely cheer for, finish last in the league every year from here on.  I hope that your CEO, who not only makes more money than would be required to feed hundreds of thousands of starving children, gets indited for fraud and gets sent to jail where he dies in a short time. 

I hope that one day you can understand how much we, as fans, love our team; and, we hope you understand the frustration that we feel when we cannot compete against other teams with competent owners.  I hope that one day, we get an owner that takes concerns for our competitive ability instead of insulting our intelligence by cleverly reducing payroll and then giving us a bulls*** explanation for how payroll is at the same level as it was a year ago. 

I also hope that you know that nobody.... nobody at all bought your and Bud Selig's agreement to keep this team 'competitive and viable' for three years after you bought it to evade certain taxes in your deal with Time Warner.  And while we're on that subject, I hope that you are remembered as the worst commissioner in the history of baseball, Selig, as the only thing that you seem to be concerned about is your public reputation.  Thanks a lot for voting to disallow the sale of this team to Arthur Blank, a man who could actually provide the economic capability to turn this team into the powerhouse it could be with our current minor league system and scouting capabilities. 

I'm sick of playing these tired payroll games a year after this team turned in a playoff worthy performance; a year after this team played as the best team in the NL.  I'm sick of having to roll the dice every year on a vast majority of this team, even though hiking the payroll by a modest 10-15% could provide us enough flexibility to have solutions to our yearly questions.

We pay for the tickets.  We pay for the products which in turn fund the TV and radio ads that are responsible for a good majority of this team's earnings each year.  We pay for the damn cable.  Whether you accept it or not, we, the fans, pay for this team.

What do you do with our money?  You give us the middle finger and pocket it yourself.  I'm sick of this.

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