How does Uggla shape our game plan?

I think we all have some ideas about what this signing might mean. Obviously Prado moves to left. But what else?

I would like to see us all take a stab at what this means for team shape. 

I want to know depth chart. 

I want to know batting order. 

And I want to know our new off season priorities. 

Below I have explained my speculation. I look forward to getting clearer by reading yall's responses and speculations. 


Prado serves as LF and super utility, since subbing in at 3b, 2b, and 1b, are more primary positions for him than left.


We then need a back up corner outfielder, this player would play every time any of 1b, 3b, 2b, or rf was subbed, so it would be a priority that he was really solid.


It is also a priority that he hit lefties well since of those positions, there is little disparity in the splits of the 2b or 3b (uggla, prado, chipper) but more against lefties for Heyward and Freeman.


This is why I really hope we keep Diaz as the primary back up corner outfielder, who will actually get a lot of at bats since he comes in and prado shifts for almost every substitution besides ss or catcher. His at bats will be against rh and lhp but will be weighted naturally (whether it is diaz or not) toward at bats verses lefties. It is also likely that another back up outfielder will get some starts against righties when prado is moved around (maybe Hinske)


I still dont predict we get rid of mclouth, so i think now he is our primary cf. We will need a back up CF, and it only makes sense to get one that also hits well against lefties sicne mclouth does poorly against them (like definitely replace him in games against lefties). It will also be key that he be a plus defender so that in late game situations he can come in and move mclouth to right. It would also be ideal if he could be a base stealing threat pinch running)


With Prado Mclouth and Heyward we have an average outfield, but with heyward mclouth and a plus center fielder it is as tight as can be. 


We next need a back up short stop, preferably one who is a dominant defender who can replace uggla at second (leaving gonzalez who is a great defender) and shutting down our middle infield in late game defensive situations.


Without these two substitutions, we are average in defense at the infield and outfield with two plus defenders at SS and 1st and two average defenders at 3b and 2nd.


Now all the primary substitution needs are filled with a corner outfielder (i vote diaz), a center fielder (I wish Matt Young was batted righty), and a defensive middle infielder (maybe diory?). Just three subs fill the second spot in the depth chart for every field position.


With the space this clears on the bench, I would really love to see a third catcher, so that david ross can become a big bat off the bench in pinch hit situations. This gives us one key pinch hitter, I would also resign Hinske who serves as the primary big bat off the bench (hinske and ross are two pinch hit weapons to be envied) and also an occaisional sub in left (or platoon with diaz in the event an infielder goes down and Prado replaces him).


My lineup would be









(with the last three changing a lot based on how they play)


to finish the 25 man:

that leaves the bench with 




CF? hopefully a righty thats a great defender who can steal when he starts and be a pinch runner

MIF? defense is the priority - he will never be in when we need offense unless there are 2 infield subs. 

Maybe one more bench player? joe mather might be the kinda extra guy who can be a corner if or corner of when needed. I think a third catcher is a better move so Ross can pinch hit. Or maybe the extra bench player is Barbaro Canizarez who is a back up 1b and a really good hitter who will rarely ever be needed defensively with this team configuration. If they choose to go with a 6 man bullpen they could pick two of these. 


And a 6 or 7 man bullpen





Christian Martinez?

proctor? veteran signing?



5 man rotation of 





minor/beachy or later Teheran or later Medlen


I am ready to see what yall think.

Personally I think we are done with any major moves. I see that as an opportunity to focus on getting exactly what we want in our additional pieces and I think we have the money to do so, especially if we get something back for KK. My big hopes for those moves involve that rhanded defensive pinch running center field sub, we go to an internal option on the defensive middle infeilder, sign hinske, sign diaz, and bolster the bullpen with one good move. 


I am excited about this team. 


Let's see how many of you respond that we are trading mclouth and signing a star cf

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