Who are your least favorite players?

To continue our legendary (haha, i kid i kid) streak of "who are you favorite/least favorite...." posts, I was wondering: Who are your least favorite players? Whether it's how the act on or off the field, the team they play for, their alma mater, etc. etc. who are your least favorite baseball players and why?

Here's my list:

1. Joba Chamberlin - I've tried to find something I like about the guy...and I couldn't come up with anything. He's my least favorite player in baseball.  Maybe it's because he plays for the Skankees. Maybe it's because he's from Nebraska and I hate the Corn Huskers with a passion. Maybe it's because he's a fat drunk. I really don't know. I just don't like him.

2. Alfonso Soriano - I really, really don't like Alfonso Soriano. I know it's wrong to wish injury on a player, but when he was hit by a pitch from Jeff Bennett last season and broke his wrist, I didn't feel sorry for him at all. He stands on top the f'ing plate. He stands there and watches his HRs for 15 seconds after he hits them. Not to mention he kills the Braves. All of those things make him my 2nd most hated player.

3. Shane Victorino - I give Shane credit for always going balls to the wall when he plays, but besides that, I really despise him. He's a cry baby who flips out whenever he doesn't get his way (see the 1st inning of yesterday). He also has a knack for killing the Braves. Combine that with him being on the Phillies, and you have my 3rd least favorite player.

4. A.J. Burnett - He ditched the Braves for the yeah, I don't like him at all.

5. Miguel Tejada - Whenever I see this guy, I think of lying and cheating. Everything from the steroid allegations to the questions about him and his age, he always seemed to me like a sketchy guy. Maybe he's a good guy and I don't know it, but I've never really liked or trusted him as a baseball player.

So those are some of my least favorite players. Who are yours?

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