Atlanta Braves Minor League Recaps: 9/1

Gwinnett 10, Durham 2

  • B. Canizares 2-5, RBI
  • C. Burke 1-4, 2 RBI
  • A. Colina 1-4, GS (8), 4 RBI
  • J. Reyes 6 IP, 1 ER, K, 5 BB

Somehow JoJo Reyes managed to pitch around five walks and put up a solid start behind an opportunistic Gwinnett offense that scored 10 runs on only 8 hits. Of course, 5 Durham errors helped that effort. Alvin Colina provided most of the juice, hitting a 4th inning grand slam. With the win, Gwinnett pulls back into a tie with Durham for the division lead.

Mississippi 4, West Tennessee 2
  • J. Heyward 3-4, 2 RBI
  • E. Mejia 1-4, 2 RBI
  • E. Osuna 7 IP, 1 ER, 10 K, 0 BB

What's this? Is that the top prospect in all of baseball actually playing in a game? After not starting a game in a week and a half, Jason Heyward successfully resumed his crusade to punish baseballs. Edgar Osuna backed up that quest with a phenomenal start, setting down ten batters via the strikeout and, more impressively, walking none.

Wilmington 4, Myrtle Beach 3

  • J. Sucre 2-4, HR (5), 2 RBI
  • A. Milligan 0-4, 2 K
  • B. Beachy 5.2 IP, 2 ER

Now without all three of their early season offensive stars, Myrtle Beach continues their free-fall, as they have, by far, the worst record in the league. And, to top it off, Adam Milligan again proves that he's human after all. I was starting to believe that he was some sort of advanced baseball playing android, but these last two days have made me doubt that conclusion.

Charleston 1, Rome 0, Game 1

  • S. Moody 1-3
  • K. Miles 1-3, 2B
  • Z. Spruill 5 IP, 0 ER, 6 K, 2 BB

Zeke Spruill pitches great as usual, but the Rome offense can only mange a pair of hits in the first game of their double header. After barely playing for Danville, OF Kuyaunnis Miles has been great in 10 games for Rome, hitting .323 with a .783 OPS. Maybe all he needed was a shot at playing.

Charleston 2, Rome 0, Game 2

  • S. Moody 1-3
  • K. Miles 1-3
  • R. Delgado 5.2 IP, 2 R, 7 K

So, in 14 innings of baseball, Rome can't score and manages to get only 6 hits, 4 of those belonging to the combo of Shayne Moody and Kuyaunnis Miles. Like Spruill in the first game, Randall Delgado pitches well for the tough luck loss. This double header is a great example of why most times win-loss records don't mean much for minor league pitchers.

Danville 8, Kingsport 5

  • O. Marval 3-5, RBI
  • R. Spanjer-Furstenburg 2-2, RBI
  • R. Hefflinger 1-5, 2B, RBI
  • K. Rose 3-5
  • C. Hodges 1 IP, 3 K, SV (6)

Danville wins their final game of the regular season, finishing with the league's best record at 47-21. Osman Marval and RSF continue to be major contributors to the team and Kyle Rose has a nice debut with the team, collecting 3 singles. Danville with face off with the Elizabethton Twins in a three game championship series beginning tomorrow.

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