St Louis Weekend Sweep (now with Pics)

Hi guys!  Long time lurker, first time poster!  Love the site...


I thought I would give a report on my trip from Kansas to St Louis for the weekend series against the Cardinals.


Game 1 (Friday)

Jair Jurrjens was incredible!  Pujols held 0 for 4, tremendous shutout.  Soriano was a little shaky, but he got the job done.


Game 2 (Saturday)

Huddy hit better than he pitched, but still kept the Cards in check.  Franklin imploded.


As for some personal interactions, Derek Lowe signed for me before the game, as did Vladimir NunezTommy Hanson stayed in the dugout after BP to sign for about 50-75 people.  Tremendously polite and cool about the whole process.  Frank Wren was hanging out before the game behind the dugout.  Got to meet him and see the Marlins World Series ring on his right hand.   Told him we need another one with Braves on it!

After the game, I waited outside for the team to walk across the street to their hotel (The Westin, in case you were curious).  I met Buddy Carlysle's parents in from Omaha - he's doing well from his new diagnosis of diabetes, according to them.  He came out and was really nice as well.  Boone Logan walked by with a leggy girl - wouldn't give me the time of day.  Matt Diaz signed as he walked - except for the guy who couldn't pronounce his name right (Word of advice - at least know the name of the player you want an auto from).  Glenn Hubbard, Terry Pendleton, Chino Cadahia all signed as well.  Bobby took a golf cart over to the hotel, as did Tommy Hanson, sharing one with Kris Medlen.

Finally,  we got to see Boog, who signed and took pictures.


Sunday (Game 3)


Ready for the sweep!  Tommy Hanson still signed for another 25-30 minutes - what a great guy.  Vasquez was dominant, causing all the Cardinal fans around me to talk about how they came to see a Cy Young performance (Carpenter) - but just not from a Braves pitcher!  Despite no Chipper or Brian, we had a dominant 3rd inning.


Overall, since I live in Kansas and never get to see the Braves live anymore, it was a tremendous opportunity.  Also, perhaps best, I got to take my 2 year old son to his first Braves game! 


I'll post pictures in the next few days if you guys want them...


Thanks for letting me blog a little on this great site....



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