Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 8/27

Gwinnett 4, Charlotte 6

  • B. Canizares 2-3 BB
  • C. Burke 2-4 3B, 2 RBI
  • J. Reyes 6.2IP 8H 5R 1BB 6K

JoJo Reyes got roughed up a bit and consequently the G-Braves lost. The offense tried to make it up near the end of the game but thet just couldn't close the gap. Durham is currently losing their game, but if they win the Braves will fall back into a tie with the Bulls. Alvin Colina also went 2-3 with a HR.

Mississippi - Off

Meh, both of our top guys are down for the count.

Potomac 5, Myrtle Beach 3

  • D. Linares 2-4 HR(13), 2 RBI, K
  • C. Shehan 1-4 2B, RBI, K
  • R. Sullivan 5IP 7H 5R 1BB 0K

Donell Linares keeps on hitting the ball. I think he has found that power stroke in the midst of the August heat. Again, he is 24 years old, but he will be in AA next season and he already controls the strike zone well (though without walking much), so he could be someone to watch. I've said before his best comp is probably Yunel Escobar and I still think that.

Rome 1, Charleston 2 - In Progress (5th Inning)

  • A. Milligan 1-3
  • R. Delgado 3IP 2H 1R 1BB 5K

A couple of rain delays have ade this one go on longer than it should. If it progresses I will come back and finish it up. It does look like Randall Delgado bounced back well from his last outing.

Bluefield 3, Danville 5

  • O. Marval 2-4 2B, 2 RBI
  • M. Weaver 2-4
  • C. Rasmus 6IP 3H 1R 1BB 8K

Something I forgot about Cory Rasmus: He is only 21 years old still. He has been around and then MIA for so long that I just felt like he was older. Anyways, if he can carry his good performance this year into next season he could bolster our already strong pitching depth.

GCL Braves 4, GCL Phillies 6

  • A. Odreman 3-5 2B, 2 RBI, BB
  • M. Payne 2-4 K
  • C. Perez 2.2IP 5H 4R 2BB 2K

Carlos Perez has been a little up and down this season. A couple of bad starts have ruined his ERA but his peripherals are not terrible. For a 17 year old I think he is doing quite well. I would bet he adds some velocity in the next couple of seasons.

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