Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 8/26

It is hard for me to get excited about even the minors when the big club is getting hammered by the Padres.

Gwinnett 7, Charlotte 10 - 11 Innings

  • B. Jones 2-4 RBI, BB, K, SB(5)
  • D. Hernandez 2-4 2 2B, RBI, 2 BB, 2K

Todd Redmond got knocked around pretty solidly in this one, allowing 6 runs in less than 6 innings and not striking out anyone. 87 year old Juan Perez didn't help things by giving up a 3 run walk off homer in the 11th inning. Gwinnett's lead is not 1 game.

Mississippi 7, Chattanooga 3

  • W. Cabrera 2-4 HR(6), 2 RBI
  • B. Johnson 2-4 2B, HR(1), 3 RBI, K
  • R. Reynoso 6IP 9H 3R 1BB 4K

Yet another consistent outing from Ryne Reynoso. He has been a solid anchor for this rotation thiss season. Willie Cabrera looks to make the most of his playing time with Jason Heyward sitting out the past couple of games. No word on what is the deal with him, though he did pinch hit last night. Also, Ernesto Mejia has been promoted (this was his third game!) to Mississppi and I can't wait to see what he can do, though so far he has only displayed his propensity for striking out.

Potomac 4, Myrtle Beach 3

  • D. Linares 1-4 2B
  • R. Gress 1-3 2B, K
  • CJ Lee 1-2 HR(4), BB, K

Even the almighty Awesome of Rany Gress couldn't salvage a win for the Pelicans on this day.

Rome 5, Charleston 4

  • A. Milligan 1-4 2B, BB
  • L. Sumoza 4-4 2B, RBI, CS(9)
  • E. Spruill 5IP 8H 3R 1BB 4K

Welcome back to full season ball Zeke Spruill! How the heck are ya? It stands to reason the night after I lament Luis Sumoza's ability to put his tools together he goes 4-4. If he is thusly motivated I would continue to poke holes in his game. Look at that caught stealing there. He obviously can't properly use his speed.

Danville 3, Burlington 4

  • C. Harrilchak 1-3 3B, BB, K
  • RSF 2-3 RBI
  • M. Crim 5IP 3H 4R 2BB 2K

Well I guess Matt Crim won't go his whole career without losing. It was a nice run though, good enough to earn the Pitcher of the Year honors. Cory Harrilchak has been slumping a bit lately hitting .152 in his last 10 games. RSF just continues to pile up the hits as the Appy League Batter of the Year.

GCL Pirates 6, GCL Braves 3

  • J. Hanson 2-4 2B, K
  • A. Feliz 2-2 RBI, BB
  • R. Lopez 5IP 5H 2R 1BB 5K
  • C. Rodgers 2IP 2H 1R 0BB 0K

Well look at that! A Chad Rodgers sighting! Again, he has appeared in 3 games already but one was a month ago. I wish him well on the comeback trail. Robinson Lopez continues to get the job done for the Braves as well as he has not allowed more than 2 earned runs in any start this year. Not bad. Also I have a feeling that Jake Hanson might be a kid we are talking a lot about next season. Just a gut feeling on that one.

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