Martin Prado

I been down on this team all year. Just didn't like the cohesiveness of what I had seen. And I hate to look like I'm joining some sort of bandwagon because of the last two games. Lord knows I love the Braves. Saw Hank PH in '74.

But watching that first game in the Phillies series.... I kinda thought I was watching a Braves/Orioles game from a few years ago.

Prado is the answer. This guy is gonna take us to the playoffs. He's a winner. He's just been waiting for a chance. This guy is singlehandedly going to be a spark in this club. He's going to get everyone going. The guy plays hard. He gives it everything each play. He plays the game like you are supposed to play it. That's gonna catch on. (At least I hope it does.)


I like the fact that Charlie Manual is going to see JJ and Javy pitch before he makes his choices for pitchers in the NL. Both of these guys ABSOLUTELY deserve to be on the All-Star team. So does Soriano, if any pitcher in the NL exemplifies "lights out", it's him.


And, seriously, you have to call shenanigans if BMac ain't the starting Catcher. We got four (extremely) deserving guys. Be elated if all four go, be happy if we get three, but, realistically, probably two. And that's is why you have to do away with the every team gets one rule. I believe in merit. This is for home field advantage in the WS. You shouldn't have to take a margin player just so every team is represented. The stakes are to large. Besides, is a Pittsburgh Pirates fan going to be that upset if one of their own isn't there? They probably wouldn't even know.

If the "Game Counts" let them pick the best players.


This Redmond kid looked good to me on TV the other day. Gotta love the MLB network. Now I can watch Minor League baseball during the day. It's a beautiful thing. Check you local listings.


I hope I'm not rosterbating here...but here's my lineup


CF-Nate McClouth --great player. plays like you are supposed to. Stupendous pick up.

SS-Yunel Escobar--just fun to watch. bit of an airhead. but just fun to watch.

3B-Chipper Jones--best 3 hitter ever. Nuf said

C-Brian McCann--First Ballot HOF (barring injuries)

2B-Martin Prado--This year's team MVP

LF-Anderson/Diaz--I still would like to see Diaz play more. plays like you are supposed to.

1B-Casey Kotchman--I see a big second half. Doulbleswise anyway. 80 RBI. Gold Glove.

RF-Jeff Francoeur--Maybe he can bunt Kotchmann over so the pitcher can drive the run in.

P-We have a good pitching staff. As long as Jeff and Buddy stay on the DL. Hanson has looked great, and JJ and Javy should be All-Stars. As well as Soriano. Can someone please tell Gonzo to pitch out of the stretch all the time.


I'm telling ya, Tuesday night, I thought I was watching the Braves/Orioles. Martin Prado is going to lead the way. He's won us two games in a row. I think I'm right here.

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