Random rants from the NOOB

A few thoughts from the new guy

So I'm the new kid on the block, and I've been spending a lot of time reading over some very informative posts from a lot of you out there.  I figured I would chime in on some things I've read, and just basically rant/rave as a way of joining the community.

First off, I have to say I'm not a stat guru or anything like that.  I've been watching the Bravos for 25 yrs, since I was a little kid from ATL's south side, watching w/ the tv muted when I was supposed to be sleeping.  That means the Russ Nixon era was my start, and moved on to see the great team they have come to be.  That being said, please be gentle if I make statistical mistakes, or say something that seems off the wall, this is strictly from a fan perspective.  I read a post earlier that had so many numbers and stats that I thought I was sitting in class at MIT.

I have to say I'm impressed w/ Frank Wren.  I was curious as to the direction the team would make, and I was a little heartbroken to see every move we tried to make fail.  But he persevered and proved to me that he knows what he's doing.  The addition of Vasquez I thought would be pretty good, I was salivating at the thought of Lowe in a Braves uni, and unsure of Kawakami.  Vasquez has blown me away, Lowe has done pretty well, and KK...well, need I say more? 

I'm also one of those who hoped Franceour would develop to be the face of the franchise, and I'm one of the many of you who have been severely disappointed, hurt, disgusted and my hope finally flatlined.  I completely wish him well w/ the Meats except when facing the Braves.  Hopefully the change of scenery will do him good, tho how that'll be possible in the cavernous Citi Field remains to be seen.  I do like the Church move, at least at the start.  Several ppl have mentioned platooning him w/ Diaz and I think that could be the best situation.  Anderson in LF hasn't lived up to what I'd hoped, but he's servicable.  I noticed that Carl Crawford becomes a FA after the year....wonder what it'd take to get him, and get some of the speed back we lost when Furcal left.  Maybe it won't work, w/ McLouth, Schaeffer, Crawford, Infante, Diaz, and Church, but idk.  I'd say a possiblity would be have Infante play 2nd, and trade KJ (if possible).  Then CC in LF, maybe McLouth in RF (how's his arm?) and Schaeffer in CF (if he's ready by then).  Can Diaz play 1B?  If so, sorry Kotch, but you may need to go too.  He's not living up to potential either. 

On to Yunel....what can I say that hasn't been said?  He seems to be on everyone's trading block, mainly because of his errors this season, and mainly his attitude.  Someone, and I don't remember where I saw it, even suggested that we should get rid of him since Cox doesn't like him.  That's absolutely ludicrous.  Everyone seems to say we have him locked in for cheap for a while.  Which is better to have, the young, possible superstar SS, or the aging, not likely to be coaching much longer Manager?  Don't get me wrong, I love Bobby Cox and what he's done for the organization, but let's be real.  He's not gonna stay on much longer, a few yrs and he'll retire.  A lot of ppl want to get rid of him now.  On the other hand, Yunel has a lot of years left, and he's still young and impressionable.  Chipper needs to get on his ass and settle him down, as does the FO and Management.  I understand that some players are very excitable, and like to show some emotion.  That's a good thing, in moderation.  Don't be a robot, but don't be another TO or Ocho-Dinko type professional athelete. 

When Huddy comes back, what then?  I'm at a loss here.  I think Vasquez, Lowe, JJ, Hanson, and Huddy if he's well will be the way to go.  KK may need to do some bullpen time, give us a long reliever and get some of the pressure off of the back end of the bullpen, so Cox can let them rest and not destroy their arms. 

Anyway, just chiming in on some thoughts.  I've never posted a Blog thing before, as I'm sure you can tell, but hey, you gotta jump in the game if you wanna play. 

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