Looking back at the offseason

The 2009 offseason was long and complicated.  We made a few moves to make us a better team, but also lost on some moves.  Let's take a look at what could have been.  There were quite a few players we almost signed or traded for, but missed out on. 

Also, I am not much of one for all of the advanced statistics, so I am just going to be going over some basic ones.  But please, feel free to discuss any other stats you wish.


Rafael Furcal

Let's start off with the one we were closest to obtaining.  After verbally agreeing to a deal, he suddenly backed out to re-sign with the Dodgers, mainly because he wanted to remain a shortstop, not move to second base.  He would have given us the lead off hitter we have needed since he first left for the Dodgers in 2006.  But he has been underperforming this year, hitting only .256 with a .331 OBP.  Add a SLG of only .350, and you have a .682 OPS.  But a double play combo of Escobar and Furcal would certainly be one of the best in the league. 

While Furcal has not been doing too hot this year, the player we have been putting on second instead has been worse.  Hitting only .214 with an OBP of .286 and a SLG of .359, Kelly Johnson has certainly been the worse of the two players.  But the extra 5 million we would have to paid Furcal was probably not worth a mediocre improvement.  Now with Prado at second, we seem to have the position covered.

I would take him over: no one. N other acqusition this offseason would have taken so much money for an average performance.


Jake Peavy

Peavy was another one we had in our hands, but the Padres backed out at the last minute.  This year, Peavy has an ERA of 3.97 with 92 strikeouts and a 1.19 WHIP.  While he might be performing better if he was with us, it was probably not worth the cost of Escobar.  Add in the fact that we already have one of the best starting staffs in baseball, and the Peavy trade looks like it would have been a bad trade for us, considering we would most likely be without a good everyday shortstop. 

I would take him over: no one.  The Vazquez trade has given us a better pitcher for alot less, in terms of players cost.


A.J. Burnett

Burnett seemed like another sure sign, but backed away from us to the Yanks.  Burnett has a 3.77 ERA with 101 strikeouts, but 53 walks, the most in the AL.  At the time, it looked like we would absolutely have to get Burnett to have a decent starting staff.  Once he got away, it was looking bad.  But the Vazquez trade and Lowe signing have given us a great staff.

I would take him over: no one. Lowe has cost us less money, and performed about the same.  He has struggled recently, but if he gets back to the form he was in at the beginning of the year, we definitely got the better one of the two.


Andruw Jones

While we never actually decided to pursue Andruw, it was talked about.  Jones is definitely one of the candidates for comeback player of the year, with 14 home runs and a .869 OPS.  This is in limited action, as he has only played in 50 games this year.  His defense is not what it used to be, and that is the reason he is a DH for the Rangers.  But he could still be an above average corner outfielder.  His .231 average is low, but his OBP is .101 points higher, at .332. 

I would take him over: Garret Anderson.  Andruw would most likely provide better defense as well as more pop, which this team desperately needs.  GA gets on base more, but they are usually just singles and he often does not come around to score. 


If there is anyone else I might have left out, please, let me know.

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