All-Star Festivities.... live from STL


Happy Mid-Summer to everyone!

I dont post too much, nor do I fanpost at all really, but I couldnt pass up this opportunity.  I live in St. Louis and have been for around 6 years.  It's a fantastic baseball town, and it is common during playoffs for businesses to close early for day games, dress codes to be thrown out of the window in favor of Pujols' jerseys, and a palpable excitement at events such as this week's.

Just a few thoughts.

Since last Thursday, there has been celebrity sightings and long lists for reservations at restaurants.  By yesterday morning's news, there was a list of restaurants closed to the public, a handful of parties open to the public, and more flotsam and jetsam loosely related to baseball.

For a small fee there's a Fan Fest going on at the football dome, but highly geared towards children, and autographs and other meet and greets arent really going on there so much.  I'm sure there are some, but its more of the kids time to experience the game.

Since President Barak will be here, Busch had to abandon all home rules - no reentry, no smoking, no plastic bottles allowed in.  A friend who ushers there said the water bottles are a concern - someone in the upperdeck could launch a full Evian towards the prez and kill him, and the rest of us will have to pay 7 bucks for water.

Hanley Ramirez is having the only player-sponsored party open to the public on tuesday night.  Jim Edmonds', Mike Shannon's, and Albert Pujols' restaurant/lounges are having closed parties, with some celebs mentioned like Billy Bob Thornton, Tommy Lasorda, and Edward Norton.

I'm rambling, trying to think of all the coolness going on.  Really the only reason I posted this is b/c this town is literally electric right now.  I'm ticking off the seconds until I ditch my car and take the metrolink downtown.  I have no tickets and no desire to be in the stadium tonight - there is one section of Busch that the balls surely will come out to the streets, and a bunch of my pals and I are going to try to catch some.  Kinda like the kayakers at Pac Bell a few years ago.

Its wild. I cant stand working anymore - if you're a baseball fan, this is amazing. Like the super bowl but freakin better. 

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