Lets Talk Positives - There Are Plenty Of Them

With all the negatives that have been discussed with this team, lets take a second to focus on what is RIGHT. And there is actually plenty of it.

1. - The rotation - The Braves have arguably the best front 3 in baseball, and once Hanson gets the call, no one will have a better front 4. Lowe, Vazquez and Jurrjens have the ability to get hot and carry this team to the playoffs with even minimal offensive help.

1.5 -Jair Jurrjens himself - It is easy to forget that this guy is only TWENTY THREE years old. When you think about it, that is unbelievable with how he is pitching. Many pitchers do not even make a debut until they are 23, yet JJ already has a full solid season under his belt for us and is arguably the most consistent and fundamental pitcher on the team. If he can be locked up, he may end up being the biggest part of this teams future.

2. - Brian McCann - Boy is it good to have him back. Lasik, contacts, glasses, whatever - the guy can always hit. We have THE BEST offensive catcher in all of baseball on our team, and he is still only 25. Scary

3. - David Ross - Rarely have we ever mentioned both catchers as positives, but Ross has been one of our best hitters this year, and he played flawlessly while McCann was out. You cant beat that.

4. - The Bench - Infante and Prado have been playing great in their chances to get on the field, and both have helped the Braves avoid complete disaster while the rest of the starters struggled.

5. - The Bullpen - Although they have had some bumps along the way, the bullpen has what it takes to be very solid. Soriano and Gonzalez have been nasty lately, and they are shaping up to be one of the best 8th-9th guys tandems in all of baseball.

6 - The Future - Last but certainly not least, the hope that our farm system brings. Tommy Hanson and Kris Medlen look poised to help as soon as given a chance, with Hanson looking more like a future #1 every day. Behind them lies a long line of young talent rearing to get a chance in the bigs, mainly the beast from the southeast, Jason Heyward. Regardless of how this season ends, the next several years look bright. The talent coming up, combined with the young core we have now will leave the NL running scared for years to come.

I know there can be more positives to talk about, as I didn't even mention how good Kotchman has been playing. So lets get a positive fanpost going and pick up the morale around here.

Tommy Hanson

This FanPost does not express the views or opinions of Talking Chop.

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