Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 5/26

I am going to update this live tonight seeing as I am off today and have nothing to do but entertain you guys. Also Jason Heyward had a good game and I wanted a place to talk about it since the big club doesn't start till late.

Indianapolis 1, Gwinnett 2 - Final in 10 Innings

  • T. Hanson 5H 1R 2BB 9K
  • G. Blanco 2-4 RBI, BB, K
  • B. Canizares 2-4 K

So this Hanson kid is pretty good or so the Germans would have us believe. But no really his two worst starts of the year were still quality starts. I just don't think he has anything else left to prove in the minors and if Medlen doesn't do well in his next two starts I feel we are gonna see Hanson. Especially now that he can't become a Super 2.

Mississippi 0, Birmingham 6 - 3rd Inning

  • G. Hernandez 2-2
  • B. Hicks 1-4 2B, 2K

About the only bright spot in this one was Gorkys. That is if you consider 2 singles bright. Then there wasn't really anything worth watching here. Scott Diamond gave up 7 runs in 6 and only struck out one batter. We shall see if he can rebound as the season wears on. 

Winston-Salem 5, Myrtle Beach 6

  • J. Heyward 3-4 2B, 3 RBI
  • D. Linares 3-4 2 RBI
  • C. Gearrin 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K

Heyward is up to .295 on the season with a .935 OPS. NICE. He has has a pretty great month of May and I get the feeling he is really starting to heat up here at the end of the month. If he does this for another month or so he will be in Mississippi. Cory Gearrin has been flat out unhittable for most of the year with 1 run allowed in 14 innings with 16K versus only 1 BB. Is a 16:1 K:BB good? I forget. Like I said a few posts back. The Braves have a ton of relief prospects kicking around in the minors. I don't really know what that means, but hey I'll take it.

Greenville @ Rome - Postponed

Lots of rain going around lately means lots of games getting the postponed treament.

Also because this is relevant to our interests:

Portland 3, New Hampshire 0 - 3rd Inning

John Smoltz in his second rehab start of the season. Right now:

Final Line: 3.1IP 3H 1R 0BB 2K

Not a surprise that they got some hits off him because Smoltz has always survived on finesse and has never been able to to blow it by guys with awesome stuff.....

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