Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 5/25

What does everyone think about a universal rosterbation thread on the front page? I'm not against rosterbation, because it is what we fans do, but I feel like the posts lately have been cluttering up the side bar. Maybe a universal rosterbate fanpost that everyone recs so it stays up for a while?

Indianapolis 5, Gwinnett 2

  • B. Canizares 2-4
  • V. Pope 1-4 2B
  • C. Sammons 1-4 2B, RBI, 2K

Todd Redmond wasn't great and there wasn't any offense to speak of. Also notice this is the first time in like two weeks that Canizares has made the highlights. He hit .354 last month and so far this month he has hit .286. His peripherals are still fairly solid, but his power is down just slightly and obviously overall hits are down.

Mobile 1, Mississippi 0 -  Game 1, 7 Innings

  • C. Rodriguez 1-2 BB, SB(3)
  • D. Heath 6IP 6H 1R 3BB 3K

Heath pitched pretty solid in this one but couldn't get any offense to back him up. Concepcion Rodriguez is still one of my favorite players and has an outside shot to be the guy that mans left field for us in a few years (if some people get traded or don't pan out).

Mobile 6, Mississippi 2 -  Game 2, 7 Innings

  • B. Hicks 1-3 HR(3)
  • C. Rodriguez 1-3 HR(2)
  • E. Campbell 2-3 K

Jeff Lyman got the rare start in this game but did about as well as a reliever starting would be expected to do and then Stephen Marek came in and sucked it up. I expected Marek to be good enough to have a shot at being in the Atl pen by this point in the season but he is sporting a 9.42 ERA. WOW. Also Brandon Hicks continues his reemergence posting a .723 OPS this month with a much more controlled K rate. Keep an eye on a second half bust out.

Myrtle Beach -  Off


Greenville 5, Rome 1

  • J. Sucre 2-4
  • C. Shehan 1-3 2B
  • Z. Spruill 7.2IP 12H 4R 0BB 6K

Spruill was coming off the first loss of  his career and he must have thought it was a good feeling. Though honestly, considering he gave up 12 hits in just under 8 innings he came out alright. Also this Rome defense is pretty terrible so I bet a lot of his ground balls get past these guys.

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