Complete Trade Possibility Roundup

I know this has been discussed ad nausem before the calendar even has even reached June, but BEFORE you go straight for the comment button and leave the customary "you're a fag for making a fanpost about trades" comment, take note that I am not trying to simply throw out a single retarded trade possibility, but rather roundup what seems plausible or improbable throughout the league.

For these purposes I took a look at all the teams throughout the league who are already falling behind in their divisions, and then looked at their outfield and power positions to see who might be available. At the end I simply mark whether I think each idea has high/low/moderate chance. Feel free to add ideas or simply mock everything I have written.

*Diamondbacks* - Big one here is obviously Justin Upton. (.313 - 9 HR - 26 RBI). Would LOVE to get this guy, but with his age (21) and talent he is probably untouchable. (low chance)

*Washington* - Adam Dunn. Left field power bat. All that needs to be said. He should have been signed in the offseason, now he will probably be available for trade. (good chance)

*Houston* - Carlos Lee. Big time power bat who is always consistent. He may be too expensive for the Braves to handle.(moderate chance)  Hunter Pence? (no way)

*Cleveland* - Only person on their team that remotely fits the bill is Grady Sizemore, and he is doubtful to go anywhere. Would be amazing to see him in a Braves uni. We could have Sizemore and Sizemore lite once Schafer comes around. (low chance)

*Colorado* - Brade Hawpe. He wont blow anyone away, but he is solid and he produces. He may be sold high. (good chance)

*Oakland* - Matt Holliday WILL be traded - somwhere. He is a one-year player and has looked bad outside of Coors, but he could be a great buy-low trade possibility that could even be re-signed after the season. (good chance)

*San Diego* - Adrian Gonzalez. The biggest bat of the bunch, and on a team that is not shy about the fact that they are dumping payroll. Problem is, AG is playing for a ridiculously low salary. The Padres would have to be absolutely blown away to move him. (low/no chance)

*Pittsburgh* - Nate Mclouth. Pittsburgh has a very deep crop of minor league talent coming up, particularly in the OF. The Pirates are continually retooling, and moving Mclouth for more young talent and to make room for Andrew McCutchen in CF may make sense for them. (moderate chance)

*Baltimore* - In terms of OF depth on bad teams, Baltimore takes the cake. Luke Scott is the odd man out and probably easiest to get, but hes not that exciting. If a run was to made for anyone, why not go bold and go after Nick Markakis or Adam Jones? Scott (good chance) Markakis and Jones (in your dreams)


In summary

-Best Chances / Fit



- I Wish






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