Yeah, I know I said May 27th, but I'm impatient, and for those who hurry can get some benefit out of this too.  But the FAILCOEUR t-shirt contest is over, a winner has been selected, the design has been made, and the shirts are now up for sale!


Talking Chop reader, Rhyno18 wins the t-shirt contest with his submission of this photograph.  I'll be honest, he's lucky he got this submission into the window I began closing, because I was totally going to go with another photograph, and in fact began working on it before this made its presence known.  So Rhyno18, I will be in touch with you soon in regards to getting some contact information and mailing address to send you your grand prize of one autographed Chipper Jones baseball.

Before I continue, let me thank all those who submitted images and gave an effort to be a part of this little project.  This project couldn't have be done as easily without your contributions, and I'm glad to know that so many people were interested.  There were some good pictures, some awesome ideas that I had to turn down simply because they didn't work correctly in an artistic sense for this project.  Extra kudos to those who stepped out of the box and pitched some interesting concepts.

So without further ado, here's the result for the front of the new shirt:


I gave ol' Frenchy the Obama treatment, and since this couldn't possibly be complete without it, surrounding the circle is the ill-fated quote that will probably define the remainder of whatever career he has left.

The back, most of you have already seen, but if there's anyone seeing this for the first time, here it is:


Thanks goes to the users who saw the design and put forth their corrective font criticism to make this better.

The overall look of the shirt:


This is the front and back samples of the shirt.  The logo is centered on the front, and should be no bigger than like 2-3" in diameter.  By default it is on American Apparel Basic "Heather Gray" T-shirt.  But apparently, you are able to choose your own color from a list of available options.  And depending on what color you choose, the cost of the shirt can be anywhere from $21.95 to $33.95.  The default gray is $24.95.  FYI, putting this design on the black, brown, or any dark colors will render the type pretty much unreadable.

I AM NOT MAKING ANY MONEY ON THIS SHIRT.  Please keep this in mind.  I didn't make this to make profit, I made it as something I wanted to make, and share with those who might be interested in it as well.  It was a great opportunity to hold a small contest too.

And that's really about it.  Click on any of the t-shirt designs to get the link to my shirt's page where it can be purchased.

ALSO: For the remainder of today, and I think through Sunday, Zazzle is having a Memorial Day sale, where I believe they knock off another 10% on the cost of the shirt with coupon code: MEMORIAL SALE   So those who expressed interest for real, this is the time to get it; I was initially thinking about waiting until Monday to break the shirts out, but this discount for everyone has kind of forced my hand.

Anyway, thanks to all parties who expressed interest, those who contributed, and anyone who supports my artwork and buys a shirt.

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