T-Shirt Contest IS OVER. Details forthcoming


If anyone was curious to why I was asking where people stood on their opinions of Jeff Francoeur, this is the reason why. In hindsight, I'm not least bit surprised that the vast majority of voters took the "safe" answer to just express concern over his lack of production, but I'm glad that at least 30 people felt no qualms of anonymously embracing the harsh reality that is currently FAILCOEUR.

The idea for this shirt came obviously, from the few individuals who began using the term "Failcoeur" in daily conversation, and the simple fact that I wanted to make myself a parody t-shirt that said "FAILCOEUR #7". I've for the most part, kept my overall opinions on Jeff Francoeur on the quiet side throughout the last two years, because I've remained quietly optimistic and hopeful that he'd turn things around, and blossom into this fine baseball player. The walk-off grand slam he hit in 2006 was one of the greatest moments I'd witnessed, live in attendance, but since then, most everything in regards to Jeff Francoeur has gone downhill. My patience had been quietly stretched, strained, and lost, watching Failcoeur make promise after promise that HE WILL NOT FAIL, but then seeing him sure, not strike out at the alarming rate he used to, but loft these lazy, hanging flyballs into the gloves of outfielders repeatedly for most of the 2009 season.

For lack of a better term, I'm tired of Jeff Francoeur, the player. And this shirt is the result of it. As a person, I can't say anything bad about Frenchy, because he's good to the community, and his heart is always in the right place.  But as a player, I'm just sick of seeing him come up to the plate and generate out(s) after out(s) after out(s).  If he miraculously turns it around, I would be absolutely ecstatic, and gladly, gladly be the first one in line to write 500 words of apologies to the newfound greatness of Jeff Francoeur. Hell, I'd even mail one to Jeff Francoeur himself, kind of to remind him to, you know, stop sucking.

Anyway, so I'm making this t-shirt, for myself. I'm not going to schill it like I attempted to schill the Jamie Kotsay shirts from last season, because despite the support, "I'll get one" and verbal demand for them, not a single person bought one aside from myself. The shirts are being sold at-cost, because one, I don't want to fill out tax information for a fringe project, and two, I don't need the money. I will make it publicly available afterwards, but I just won't be pushing it nearly as much as I did the J. Kotsay one.


This is tentatively the back of the t-shirt (no that is not me, it is a model). I'm attempting to be close to the Braves style of name and number, but just in case, they're slightly variationed. The shirt will be gray, American Apparel brand. Because I like the quality of American Apparel products, and I do not mind paying a little extra for the increased quality.

This is where you come in.

This shirt needs a front. I want you, the Talking Chop faithful to help me make this front.

What I request of you: A funny image of Jeff Francoeur. Preferrably a headshot; the sillier, the better. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with it on the front, maybe an Obamaiconization of Frenchy, maybe not, but what I have in mind already is that it will either be on the left side top-chest, or dead center of the chest.

And somewhere, be it below, above, or off on one of his sides, will be the immortal words:

"If on-base percentage is so important, then why don't they put it up on the scoreboard?"

For the sake of space, I might just shorten "on-base percentage" to "OBP," but the point is clear.


RULES: All entries to be emailed to me (link at the bottom of the entire page). Make sure the subject line says "FAILCOEUR IMAGE" or I will not open it. In the body, please identify yourself via your username as well. CAVEAT: One entry per user. And please don't try and sign up for multiple accounts and send from different email addresses, because I can verify user information, and if it just seems fishy, I can just not accept it.  And if you abuse it, but somehow get me a good image, I'll just give the credit to myself.  If multiple people send the same image, the first one who sent it keeps it, and I'll let anyone else know to try again. I may or may not run a vote with the rest of TC to see who should win, but in the end, it's still my discretion.

The deadline is May 27, 2009.


The winner of my ultimately choosing will win this Chipper Jones autographed baseball. I have no authentication, because it was signed at an event (Braves FanFest 2007), and they move you through the lines like cattle, so you will have to take my word for it that it's legitimately signed by Chipper himself. But let's face it, the criteria for participation doesn't entail anything other than you emailing me an image of Jeff Francoeur, so I'd say the reward for the effort is definitely in your favoring.

And just to put it all out there, this is a batting practice baseball. It's still a Rawlings, but not an official game baseball. It's one I caught during BP, hit by, Chipper Jones himself. This explains the green type and the worn-looking appearance of the ball.

I have no intention to sell the ball, because I don't need the money, and I think it's more fun to get the community involved for a fun little project for those interested.

The one I got signed in Cincinnati with a Hooters pen is the one that I'm keeping for myself. Better story attached to that one, and it's a cleaner baseball.

Happy Failcoeur hunting, and good luck!

This FanPost does not express the views or opinions of Talking Chop.

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