Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 5/12

Gwinnett 3, Buffalo 4 - Final 11 Innings

  • B. Canizares 2-5 RBI, K
  • T. Armas 5IP 3H 0R 0BB 5K

Nothing hugely exciting going on in this game. Our recent pickup Tony Armas, Jr. pitched his first game for Gwinnett and he looked pretty strong. He hasn't given up any runs in either game he has pitched (one in Mississippi as well). Luis Valdez had a meltdown in the 11th after the Braves had scored two in the top of the inning to take the lead.

Mississippi 3, Jacksonville 2

  • G. Hernandez 2-4 2 2B
  • J.C. Boscan 2-3 3 RBI
  • E. Campbell 2-4 2B
  • J. Venters 6.1IP 3H 0R 2BB 4K

Gorkys Hernandez is hitting .331 on the year and has an .812 OPS so far. I'd like to see him stealing a little more and maybe with slightly more pop in his bat, but you can't really fault anything else. Jonny Venters has an ERA around 1.56 right now. His walks are a little high (18 in 34 innings) and his Ks are low (23 in the same) but his GB rate is solid. So lets see where this goes. We really need some pitching depth right now.

Myrtle Beach 0, Frederick 1 - Game 1 - 7 Innings

  • F. Freeman 2-2 BB
  • E. Osuna 6IP 1H 1H 1BB 8K

Damn if I were Edgar Osuna I would be mad. Freddie Freeman had the only hits for the Birds in this one.

Myrtle Beach 4, Frederick 5 - Game 2 -  7 Innings

  • D. Linares 1-4 2B
  • C. Johnson 1-3 HR(12)
  • J. Locke 3IP 3H 2R 3BB 4K

I'm not really sure why Locke left this game after the 3rd other than he was pitching poorly. And even then it wasn't really really bad. Either way, Cody Johnson must have a personal vendetta against baseballs. He is currently slugging .673.Jason Heyward's AVG is down to .242. Slump much? He did this last year also and went on a tear right afterward. Last year's slump had a ton of Ks but right now he's just getting hit unlucky I guess.

Rom 3, Asheville 5

  • G. Rodriguez 1-4 HR(8), 2 RBI, 2K
  • S. Sime 2-3 BB, CS, PO

If Rodriguez could just learn to take a walk. 7 in 117 ABs just is not going to cut it. I like the .607 SLG though. Jake Thompson gave up 5 runs in  6 innings. He has been pretty hittable so far this season though he has only walked 4 batters. He has also given up 5 homers this season. So far I'm not a huge fan.

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