Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 4/25

Charlotte 8, Gwinnet 5

  • B. Conrad 2-3 2B, HR(3), BB, K
  • V. Pope 2-2 2B, HR(1), BB, K
  • K. Medlen 4IP 6H 2R 3BB 4K

Nice little game by Van Pope here. This might actually his best offensive game in the last two years, which is sad. At one time he was thought to be the heir apparent to Chipper, but honestly I have never been convinced by his bat and it has really shown the last couple of seasons. His defense is still spectacular though. Medlen's pitch count inches up to 80 in this game. His ERA is up to 2.04 but he still hasn't had a bad game yet this season.

Mississippi 1, West Tenn 3

  • G. Hernandez 1-4 RBI, 3K, CS(3), PO
  • C. Rodriguez 2-4 2K
  • J. Venters 5.1IP 2H 2R 3BB 5K

Jonny Venters puts in another excellent game on the mound but doesn't see any fruit from it. Gorkys Hernandez just had a bad game getting thrown out stealing and picked off first base one time as well to go along with his 3 strike outs. He really needs to get those under control.

Myrtle Beach 2, Salem 3

  • F. Freeman 1-3 HR(3), BB, K
  • D. Linares 2-3 2B, K
  • J. Locke 6.2IP 2H 1R 2BB 7K

A great game from Locke in this one. If it wasn't for his one horrendous game his numbers would be spectacular, but if the hitters didn't get bats then he'd be perfect this season so whatever. I still love him. In a manly way. Heyward goes 0fer in this game.

Augusta 3. Rome 4

  • G. Rodriguez 2-4 2B, HR(4), 2 RBI, K
  • S. Shults 2-4 2B
  • Z. Spruill 6IP 6H 1R 1BB 6K
  • B. Pruneda 1IP 0H 0R 0BB 1K

Rodriguez continues his assault on Sally League pitchers with 2 more XBH. He is 13-29 in his last 8 games with 3 doubles, 1 triple and 4 homers. Nice. Spruill finally walked his first man today but was otherwise brilliant. His BAA on the season .282 so that worries me a little, but without his BABIP its not all that useful. He does have a nice 2.23 GB ratio so he might be able to give up a few more hits than the average pitcher. Benino Pruneda has been the MAN this season. He picked up his 6th save today and his season line is thus:

7IP 1H 0R 1BB 11K

Closer of the future? He turns 21 in August. And we know we can't get too excited about bullpen arms that do well in the low minors. But he was prettty awesome last year and his command appears to be better this year.

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