Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 4/22

Woot! Got my new keyboard today so this doesn't take nearly as long as it used to. Let us begin. Also, I will start doing a weekly Prospect spot with guys who aren't necessarily at the top of the organizational depth chart. You guys drop me some lines on who you want to hear about and I'll do some magic for them. My first guy is probably going to be Barbaro Canizares.

Durham 6, Gwinnett 2

  • B. Conrad 2-5 2B, RBI, 3K
  • C. Sammons 2-4 2B
  • C. Morton 3IP 8H 6R 1BB 1K

So Chuck Morton got hurt pretty bad in this one. He threw a ton of balls (heh) and just got hit hard in every inning. He probably isn't the answer right now. I hope he can figure things out in the long run, his arm is too good to give up on right now. Luis Valdez threw a scoreless inning and has his ERA down to 1.17 with 8K in 7.2IP. Gotta wonder still when he is getting the call? Next month we only have one day off all month so keep an eye open for a rotating door in the bullpen.

Chattanooga 8, Mississippi 9

  • G. Hernandez 1-3 RBI, BB
  • P. Britton 2-2 2B, 2 RBI, BB (also threw out 2/3 runners)
  • S. Diamond 5IP 5H 4R 1BB 1K

MIssissippi inmproves to 6-7 winning their 4th game in a row. The pitching staff has been pretty solid so far only giving up more than 4 runs in one game so far this season. Anyways, Phillip Britton has been great at the plate so far this season hitting .333 and posting a .907 OPS. Granted that is only 24 ABs so far, but he hasn't been outstanding at any point in the past so maybe we will see him break out a little this year. Man we have some good catching depth right now: Sammons, Britton, Kennelly, Schleuber, Johnson and the young Christian Betancourt.

Kinston 8, Myrtle Beach 9

  • M. Fisher 3-4 BB
  • F. Freeman 2-5 2B, RBI
  • C. Johnson 1-3 RBI, BB, 2K
  • C. Kimbrel 1IP 0H 3R 5BB 1K

Wow, Craig Kimbrel has to be injured because there is no way someone who was this good last year can be this bad this year. Steve Blass disease? Jason Heyward was out for this game and it looked like they didn't need him at first. The Pelicans started the game off with 7 straight hits with the 7th being a triple from Quentin Davis. But then the wheels fell off in the 6th when Craig Kimbrel walked everyone in sight. Eric Cordier also attempted to come back from one of his injuries in this game. He went one inning and gave up one run off one hit and three walks.

Rome 2, Savannah 4

  • G. Rodriguez 2-4 HR(3)
  • P. Clemens 4IP 7H 4R 2BB 2K

Well Rodriguez has been hitting ever since I called him out. He must be a reader and easily motivated by blogger opinion. Aren't we all. He has all of his XBH in the past 5 games which includes 3 homers and 2 doubles. Otherwise the rest of the offense has been pretty abysmal. Only 4 hits tonight. Also Paul Clemens live arm isn't quite translating yet. He is a JUCO guy though so I give him some leeway.

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