Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 4/15

Gwinnett 3, Durham 5 Final in 10 Inn.

  • G. Blanco 2-6 2B, K, SB(2)
  • B. Canizares 2-4 2B
  • D. Hernandez 2-5 2B, RBI, CS(2)
  • K. Medlen 5IP 1H 0R 1BB 6K

As good as Hanson has been in his first couple of starts Medlen has been even better. No runs allowed and only one hit through 8.2 innings. Canizares is hitting the ball well so far this season, but he was hot early last season and then faded as the season went on. Manny Acosta gave up a walk off two run homer in the 10th inning. Winner.

Mississippi 3, Huntsville4

  • G. Hernandez 2-4 2B, BB, K, SB(3)
  • M. Young 1-2 RBI, 2 BB, 2 SB(4)
  • K. Kaaihue 1-4 HR(2), BB
  • D. Heath 4IP 2H 0R 6BB 2K

That is the Deunte Heath we know! More BB than K baby. Dude seriously walks a lot of guys though. The story in this game for me is the Braves stole 6 bases and didn't get caught at all. Lucroy (catcher for Huntsville) is an offensive minded catcher but I have to wonder if the pitcher was walking the ball to the plate. And how do you have 12 baserunners and 6 steals and only score 3 runs. That is poor Mississippi.


Frederick 3, Myrtle Beach 2

  • J. Heyward 0-2 2BB, K
  • D. Linares 1-4 HR(2), K
  • B. Johnson 1-3 HR
  • J. Locke 4IP 2H 2R 5BB 6K

Not much offense out of Heyward, Freeman and Cody Johnson. The old Cuban guy went yard and the backup catcher Benji Johnson got ahold of one. Jeff Locke let the wheels fall of a little in the 2nd and then completely in the 3rd when he gave up a  double then walked three straight batter to score a run. He gave up a lead off homer to lead off the 4th. Stil had a nice amount of Ks and a 4:2 GB:FB ratio.


Savannah 3, Rome 5

  • L. Sumoza 2-4 K
  • S. Sime 3-3 BB
  • Z. Spruill 5IP 7H 3R 0BB 2K

Alright this stuff with Sime is getting ridiculous. He only has one XBH so far, but when you are hitting almost .500 I guess it doesn't matter much. Spruill hasn't issued any BBs in his 9 innings of work this season but he has given up 12 hits so far. His defense didn't help him much tonight committing 3 errors. They have been pretty bad for the most part this season on defense anyways. The pitching staff can't be happy about that.

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