Jurrjens pitch f/x from Wednesday

This post from Beyond the Boxscore just taught me how to get pitch f/x data from Brooks Baseball.  The data tells you all kind of crazy things like the pitch location, release points, the velocity, and the pitch spin.  I played around with the data from Jurrjens's start on Wednesday and here's some graphs.

Here's the pitches Jurrjens threw last night:



Those "changeups" next to the sliders are actually sliders, but they were misclassified by the Gameday.  It would have taken 20 seconds for me to change, but I was too lazy to.  The fastball averaged 91 MPH and topped out at 94.5 MPH.  The changeup averaged about 82 and the slider averaged about 80-81 MPH.  He threw 57% fastballs, 27% changeups, and 15% sliders.  It'll be intersting to see what Jurrjens throws to a more righty-heavy lineup.

Both the fastball and changeup have good movement on them.  I'm actually surprised how much the horizontal difference between the two pitches is.

The fastballs in the bottom left were actually originally labeled as 2 seamers, and I changed them to 4 seamers.  They could very well be 2 seamers though.  Anyone know if Jurrjens throws one?

Here's the pitch locations:



Lots of nibbling on the edge of the plate.  Probably why his walks were kind of high (3 in 5.2 innings).

Here's the lefty/righty split:



Plenty of sliders down and away versus righties, but no K's.  Stayed away and away versus the lefties too.

Pitch results here:



It's funny how two of the hits were off the plate.  The strikeout near the middle of the plate was against Victorino.  Jurrjens threw a slider and got swining strike.  The other strikeout off the plate was a changeup that Utley swung at.

Anyway that's a quick look at some of the things you can do with pitch f/x data.  You can gank your own (go read the post at the top from Beyond the Boxscore) and play with it too.  There's plenty more (like a velocity plot of some sort) so if you have any suggestions or requests, fire away.  Hopefully the game tonight doesn't get rained out and I'll do something like this for Lowe's game.

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