So, we need a LF, right?

I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but here's my take in order of preference, with a possible darkhorse thrown in for good measure.

1) Adam Dunn:  He'll hit 40 homers, and walk 115 times.  He's so good he's boring, and to anyone who complains about his K's, I ask you examine how many outs he made last year, compared to Mark Teixeira.  Is his defense really much worse than someone like Diaz or Norton (or Chris Resop? HA!) in LF?

2) Bobby Abreu: I know, I know.  But if Dunn's price doesn't drop, Abreu might be the best cost/reward option because he'd ensure our ability to flesh out the pitching situation with Ohman and Glavine.  Really.  He'll at least get on base, and maybe post a 20/20 season with about 175 hits.  He gets bashed for his RF defense, but once again, would his LF defense really be any worse than what we've thrown out in LF since Willie Harris?

3) Trade for Nick Swisher: I'm hesitant here because he had a pretty bad '08 season.  But most writers and statheads seem to think he's better than that and due for a rebound.  I imagine he'd cost us a couple of relievers (Boyer and Acosta?) and a utility guy like Prado or Infante.  I like our bench and our 'pen and I don't like the idea of "hoping for a rebound" on a guy you depend on to bat cleanup, so I'd rather not see that happen.

4) Griffey to platoon with Diaz in LF: The darkhorse has arrived.  Junior had an OPS of .841 against righties last year, and Diaz (the 2 years prior to being hurt in '08) posted OPSs of .877 and .941 vs lefties.  Again, that's .841 from the left, .~900 from the right, probably better production than we could swing by signing anyone but Dunn.  Only playing against RHP might keep the injury bug away, and it would be nice to have either of those guys as pinch hit options later in games.  I hear Griffey's not bad to have in the clubhouse either...

5) Trade for Ryan Ludwick: I'm against this for the opposite reason I'm against Swisher.  He might not repeat.  He had a stellar '08, a very good '07, and before that?  He was another one of those "promising but always injured" guys.  At 29 he finally had a breakout season, but can he repeat?  Can he stay healthy?  I imagine he'll cost more in a trade than Swisher too. Late relievers, KJ, prospects, whatever, it's too much for another guy who might not perform like the cleanup hitter we need.

6) Trade for Xavier Nady: The guy has ONE GOOD HALF SEASON and you want to trade for him?  No way.  He's a BFA (Boras Free Agent) after this season, so even especially after a good year, keeping him around would be near impossible.  He's just not worth it.

I think the team looks good once we have a good bat in LF.  I like the rotation, I like the bullpen (I actually LOVE the bullpen once everyone's healthy again, and we re-sign Ohman), and I like the bench. I even like the broadcast team.   I just wish I could say "I like that 5 billion foot bomb Adam Dunn just hit to the moon to knock in Yunel and Chipper that went so far it counts for two" but I guess there's still hope?

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